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Hi, Ed. Bye, Ed.

Apparently, this thing with Ed is weighing on Patrick's mind rather heavily, if the fact that he's come to his priest for advice is any indication. He tells the guy that while Ed has him in the best shape of his life, he's still never gone into a fight without his brother and father in his corner. The priest agrees with me when he points out that Patrick has never come to him for advice before, and wonders to whom he normally talks. Patrick doesn't exactly answer the question, you may not be surprised to hear given his tendency to take everything on himself and tell massive lies in aid of that habit, but says that in this case, Theresa and the girls love Ed, but Ed thinks Johnny and the rest are "poison," which, as over Ed as I have recently grown, isn't exactly what he said. The priest tells Patrick that usually when people come in to ask him a question, they already know the answer, and the best thing you could say about that advice is that it's free. Nevertheless, Patrick seems to make up his mind...

...and he comes into Ed's room to can him. Ed leads off by apologizing for his behavior the day before, but even though he says he was "dead wrong," Patrick won't be swayed, saying training with Ed has been really tough on him. Ed, sensing where this is going, gets some desperation in his voice as he says he knows, and suggests they go upstate to his gym where there won't be any distractions, but Patrick tells him no. His tone pleading, Ed tells him they're doing good work, and he knows Patrick can feel the difference, but Patrick tells him he doesn't know how to do this without his family. Yeesh, give me a break. I mean, for one thing, he and Johnny were estranged until like five minutes before the El Diablo fight, and what's more, we're talking TEN MILLION DOLLARS here. This guy's an expert generally and on Reynolds specifically and has you in better shape than ever, and you're going to go back to Stacy Keach, at whom you've spent the last five years pissed off about his coaching AGAINST REYNOLDS? He can do what he wants, obviously, but I don't think he's being honest here (I think it's his jealousy issues more than anything that are driving this decision), and with so much at stake you'd think he'd grow up a little, here. Anyway, they go back and forth for a while longer, but Patrick finally tells him in no uncertain terms that he can't work with him anymore, and Ed, after taking a moment, gives the most wounded smile I've ever seen as he tells Patrick he won't pressure him further. He asks Patrick for a minute, and after Patrick leaves, he sinks down to the floor...

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Lights Out




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