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The Comeback "Kid"

So Patrick comes into the living room to find Theresa speaking in hushed tones to the wayward oldest daughter Ava, and a dude who was involved somehow in her night out, "Brent," who was mentioned in the last scene but as part of a convoluted and boring explanation, so I skipped it. Whatever, they're teenagers, and Theresa says she gets that but trust is important to her and Patrick, as Patrick looks like he wants to take out five years of inaction on Brent, while Brent looks like whatever he ate for lunch might momentarily be coming out one end or the other. Theresa tells them that the "family motto" is "trust or bust," which is totally lame and also I don't really sense that you trust your husband very much, and finally Ava notices the beams of death that are threatening to burn Brent to a crisp where he stands and tells Patrick to stop it. He kicks Brent out, after which Ava tells him she hates him and departs as well, and I don't have much sympathy for the fickle sensitivities of teenaged girls, but for someone worried about being branded a thug that was some awfully intimidating behavior there, not to mention the part where it trampled all over Theresa's attempt to handle the situation...

...but we have other thuggery to attend to, as Patrick has arrived at the house of the dentist he's supposed to be shaking down. As it happens, the guy has people over for brunch or something, and is regaling them with an incredibly dickfaced story about smashing a bouncer's face into a windshield on behalf of his "wingman" who was getting kicked out of a bar, which he says cost him "a night in the tank" but was worth it, punctuating his assholishness by fist-bumping one of the other male guests. One, ugh, and two, SUPER INTERESTING CHOICE to make the guy Patrick has to shake down a complete turd of a human being. The doorbell rings, and when the guy answers he's at first impressed to see who it is, but is taken aback when Patrick invites himself in...

...and then Patrick's at the table eating and making everyone kind of uncomfortable with a speech about breadwinning and blah, like, I know you're trying to make a point about your situation but WE GET IT and THIS IS DUMB. It's not helping him achieve his goal and I don't buy that he would do it, not to mention the guy apparently HASN'T EVEN ASKED why Patrick is there...

...but thankfully, we cut to sometime later, where in the dude's office, Patrick tells him he needs a half a million from him. Once the guy ascertains that he's not joking, he figures out that Patrick is working for Brennan and can't believe he's stooped so low, and then takes a bat off the wall and tells Patrick to get his "broken-down ass" out of his house. Patrick is unimpressed by this jerk, as well he might be, but he's not there for violence, it seems, as he starts to head out quietly enough, although not without mentioning that Brennan may not take this so lightly...

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Lights Out




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