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The Comeback "Kid"

...and then apparently flashes back to what happened at the bar, as in fact, they did bet money and go out to the parking lot for a fight, and it turns out that the jerk played left tackle for the Giants and has a hundred pounds on Patrick, which certainly is quite significant but that still ignores the fact that BOXING IS A SKILL, and he goes on that "to make it fair" he'll give Patrick the first punch, like, I think this guy's insane already but if he thinks Patrick can't knock him out with a free punch he's got whatever the football equivalent of pugilistic dementia is. Patrick apparently agrees that that would be too easy, as he merely stands and waits for the guy to land a solid blow to his gut, but after the guy's friends congratulate him, we switch to the guy's POV, and Patrick comes on like a Mac truck and his fist flies into the guy's face. Sleep well, douchebag.

Sometime later, Patrick shirtlessly sits up in bed, and then he flashes back to the conversation with Katie we didn't see. The non-linear progression is designed to emphasize his LIES, because as he tells Katie he doesn't hurt people anymore, they intercut further footage not just of him kicking the football player's ass, but also him twisting the bat out of the dentist's hand and doing something very damaging to his arm in front of all the guests. After a quick flash to the Reynolds fight, we see Patrick take his money for knocking the football player out...

...and then back in the present, Patrick lumbers downstairs to find his wife drinking wine and attitude, as she snits, "Something you want to tell me?" I suppose in this case, however, she has reason to be upset, as when she flicks on the TV, we see Reynolds and his promoter "Barry Ward" giving a press conference announcing a rematch with Patrick six months hence. Patrick tries to tell her he knows nothing about it, which is obviously true, but she and her RIDICULOUS ACCENT call bullshit and tell him she will NOT go through this AGAIN, like, fine, honey, but be sure to keep those principles when you're living in a boxcar. After Theresa's stomped upstairs, Patrick clicks the TV back on for a moment and then calls Johnny, who's back in the same diner we saw him in earlier, like, are times that tough that this is your new office? He asks if Theresa's pissed, and upon hearing she is, pointedly tells Patrick, "You beat someone up in the ring, at least it's legal." So...he knows about Patrick beating the dentist up, but didn't mention it earlier when he referenced talking to Brennan? Johnny tells him the purse would be ten million, but Patrick hangs up on him...

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Lights Out




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