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The Comeback "Kid"

...and then the next day, he's teaching his nephew some boxing as promised. He's good with the kid and they have some fun until Dylan requests a break, and, as much to himself as the boy, he stresses the importance of breathing. He says it again, this time only to himself, and we're out. I will say I've seen the second episode already and it's an improvement, but still, this show has far to go before it's anything I would watch without getting paid for it. We'll see how things go.

John Ramos is a writer and film producer living in Los Angeles. He writes about film and television on his blog "Pull Up A Chair," which he would just love for you to visit. Also, you can follow him on Twitter here, or get information about his most recent film "East Fifth Bliss," starring Michael C. Hall, Lucy Liu, and Peter Fonda, here.

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