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The Comeback "Kid"

...and then reforms, and we see Catherine McCormack STITCHING UP THE CUT IN CLOSE-UP, like, show, didn't you hear what I just said? All right, I guess it wasn't technically his eye, but a needle so close to it is, well, too close for comfort. Obviously having done this before (we'll learn why later), she finishes that errand and then uses her thumbs to probe his face for, I'm guessing, any breaks in the bone as he sits, dazed and confused, and not in the good way. She then checks his pupils with a penlight before he finally speaks: "I got robbed, Theresa." Well, that's confusing. I thought all this was from the fight. Theresa somewhat impatiently says she knows (and this of course means, despite his unconsciousness, that the fight was settled by decision and not by knockout, because otherwise there wouldn't be any possibility of "robbery"), and when he tries to tell her he's fine, she counters that he blacked out. She puts an icepack on his cheek as he somewhat distantly claims "the ring was crowded," and I'm not sure if that's a bit of boxer jargon or if he's just babbling nonsensically. Seeming to favor the latter, Theresa tells him he has a concussion, but he assures her, "I got a hard head." It's no "You should see the other guy's fist," but at least he's got a sense of humor about it. She snarks that she knows that too, and goes to get something else to treat him, but when he mumbles that next time he won't give the guy the chance to steal the fight, she does not want to hear about any next time, pointing out that he could have died out there. And while I'm not a big fan of people invoking the specter of Death haphazardly, she's got a pretty strong case here, helped by the fact that when he says he's okay and tries to hop off the table, he loses his balance and almost collapses to the floor, necessitating her rushing over and helping him back into a sitting position. He tries to joke, "Good catch," but she isn't having it, her British accent coming out as she telling him she can't do this anymore, and his daughters miss him. She goes on that she loves him too much to watch him die, and I realize the stakes are high but her acting is a bit unconvincing here and as such is coming off melodramatic. (That assessment is probably not helped by my already having seen the whole episode.) She settles down, though, to give him this ultimatum: "Either you stop, or we stop." He foggily regards her...and then we get the Lights Out title card, with a boxer's shadow and people cheering on the soundtrack. Yeah, we'll see about that.

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Lights Out




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