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Rain Of Terror
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Everything's apparently now chill between Margaret and Patrick now that the latter has been forced to accept Brennan into their family, and, as such, Patrick is helping Margaret buy some replacement dishes for the diner, as she tells him he'd be surprised how much stuff goes missing from the place. Margaret, he wouldn't be surprised -- he's a criminal. Let's not pussyfoot around the subject anymore. Patrick jokes that carrying heavy things are what boyfriends are good for, and I guess it's good that he's able to laugh about the Brennan subject, but seriously, is the abdominal injury that threatened everything Patrick was fighting for as of last episode totally healed? Because otherwise, maybe Johnny could be doing a little of the heavy lifting? Patrick, however, thanks Margaret for getting him out, as everyone's home from vacation and "there are a lot of women in that house." Margaret ribs him that he loves it, but then some older dude calls to Patrick in an older-dude voice and asks if he remembers him. Patrick grins, "Gerry 'The Rainmaker' Raines!" giving us the episode title in an amazingly deft and unforced way, and puts down his load and goes over to shoulder-hug Gerry, calling him "Champ" for good measure. Patrick then asks if he remembers his sister Margaret, and you could drive a truck through the ensuing gap in the conversation, so you can imagine that even though he claims that he couldn't forget a beauty like that, he has no memory of her. I just hope when the truth is revealed, she doesn't take it as a slam on her looks.

Patrick asks how he's doing, apparently not having noticed the sad little stand Gerry has set up to hawk autographed pictures at a cut rate, and Gerry says he's all right before asking if Patrick needs a sparring partner. He puts up his dukes and fake-punches Patrick: "I can still make it rain!" Two things: One, a quick Google search shows that there is a real current boxer named Delray "The Rainmaker" Raines, and I'm not sure if the show is paying homage but either way I wanted you to know that name is a rip-off. But two, as ridiculously convenient as the appearance of this character will prove to be, I am still not made of stone, and the actor does a great job with the role, so keep that in mind even if I shred the episode. After Patrick compliments Gerry on how hard he used to hit, he considers for a moment and then asks if Gerry wants to help him out at the gym. Gerry looks disproportionately touched at the offer, but Patrick already looks like he regrets it when Gerry repeats his offer of sparring and tells Patrick he can still make it rain. Patrick and Margaret don't betray any discomfort, but still get out of there in a hurry, and after Gerry calls to them that he'll see Patrick the next week, Margaret notes that he's "punchy." Oh, Margaret, you can do better than that, but I think she's diplomatically alluding to the fact that Gerry obviously is suffering from pugilistic dementia without, understandably, given her recent discovery of Patrick's condition, explicitly saying so. Patrick answers in the same vein, saying he's not going to put Gerry in the ring, but he just wants to help him out, and Margaret gets a look like "It's your gym, but keep him away from my diner and its new dishes." Credits.

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