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Rain Of Terror

At the police station, a bunch of reporters are hanging around when they hear Johnny say into his phone that he's got the car waiting, and he should meet him around front. They rush to follow him like morons, not even noticing the massively obvious satisfied smile on his face, and when they're gone, we see Margaret head in another direction and hug Patrick. She tells him Stacy Keach tried to put up the house for his bail, but it's still in their mother's name (?), so Margaret put up the diner instead. This hits Patrick hard, but she tells him it's fine and that Stacy Keach is in the car, adding that Patrick still has a lot of friends on the force, as they're letting him go out the back. She then offers that Brennan asked about him, and suggested he go to the Shore to cool off for a couple days, and I can't imagine someone as careful as Brennan would give Margaret a message that really wouldn't be that hard to parse in retrospect, but Patrick replies that he shouldn't worry before asking her for a ride to his car at the gym...

...and then they're pulling up. He tells her to go on home, as he's got to grab something from inside...

...and then we see him retrieving a few things, including the fake can, from his locker. We cut to him checking out the address...

...and then to, presumably, the Sandpiper, as Hess pops out of his room and tells the guard posted there that he wants a soda. They head down the hall, and after Hess does some business with the machine and gets the drink out, it explodes on him, distracting him from the fact that a hooded figure has come out of nowhere and is beating the guard up. When Hess sees what's going on, he tries to flee, but the assailant, having dispensed with the guard, grabs Hess, shoves him up against the wall, and starts beating him to a pulp. We see him swing him into the stairwell door...

...and then later, Patrick, dressed in a leather jacket, returns home to his darkened house and stares contemplatively into space for a minute...

...and then he's in the bedroom, wherein Theresa sleepily regards him and asks where he's been, as they were worried. He tells her he went on a pub crawl with Johnny, hitting every bar in Bayonne to celebrate his release. Theresa wonders if that was smart, but Patrick tells her Johnny says he needs to hold his head high, and a lot of people saw them, which as we'll find out is the key. Theresa takes his hand and informs him she spoke to the girls and told them he's being set up, but confesses she's very worried, but he kisses her hand and assures her they're going to be okay, and that he loves her. And if nothing else, conjugal visits are hot.

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Lights Out




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