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Rain Of Terror

Thom(p)son enters Hess's hospital room and grimaces at the damage -- broken arm, neck brace, face looking like ripe eggplant -- and, after ascertaining that Hess is "more or less" conscious, dismisses the orderly on duty and apologizes on behalf of the Bureau for his "endangerment." Hess replies that he hears he's lucky not to be in a coma, or dead, but wow, can he not remember anything for the last six months! Thom(p)son, probably having feared this eventuality once he heard of the beating, tells him he's not helping himself, but Hess counters that he should rest, and thanks him for stopping by. Thom(p)son nearly bites through his lip in frustration...

...while Patrick turns up to see Gerry and gives him the fake deodorant can. Gerry wonders if that means he stinks, but Patrick tells him about the false bottom, and when Gerry unscrews it, he finds that wad of money and asks what it's for. Patrick tells him it's his way of showing his appreciation for all the work Gerry did for him, and Gerry, after a pause, produces the paper with the motel address on it and says Patrick knows him: "If I don't write it down, it's like it never happened." Now, I could take the show to task for the improbability of (a) Gerry having executed a fairly complex plan with just the aid of that piece of paper, and (b) him remembering enough about what happened to have this wink-wink moment with Patrick, but honestly, it was still better than most of what the show has put forth so I'm going to let it slide. What can I say, at least there weren't fistfuls (heh) of ridiculous dialogue and inconsistent motivations. Gerry eats the piece of paper for good measure and then sticks his, um, well-used knuckles into a bowl of ice, and we're out. And I did enjoy this episode more than most, but GOD CAN WE PLEASE FIGHT ALREADY?

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Lights Out




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