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Patrick's waiting in Johnny's office when the man himself enters, and he wraps up a call as Patrick takes a look at a new and now-under-glass model of The Landing, although (a) I can't imagine the IRS didn't seize any equity they have left in it, and (b) I SUPER can't imagine them spending the money to recreate this thing after Patrick destroyed the last one in that fit of pique. Once Johnny's done, Patrick at least addresses Point B, asking where the hell it came from, so Johnny tells him he "took the liberty" of spending some of Brennan's advance on it, adding that they're going to be getting a lot of press, so they might as well get The Landing some TV time. I can't believe Patrick hasn't informed Johnny that, in these exact words, he's not allowed to take any more "liberties" on his behalf at any time ever again, but although Patrick looks unsettled, it's because of the TV story, which he shares with his brother. When Johnny learns that it was the Councilman's son's birthday party Patrick attended, he sees the problem and offers to say that he was the one who delivered the cake and the, um, "icing" therein, but Patrick, without bothering to point out that tons of witnesses could place him at the scene of the crime, tells him he'll handle it. Johnny then tosses Patrick an aerosol can and tells him to unscrew the bottom, adding that he should hold on to it for emergencies as Patrick finds it contains a wad of cash. Johnny explains that he bet on Wimbledon, as Ava knows a lot about tennis, and this whole bit is so preposterous that I'll just let it stand as is, but Patrick sighs that he's not sure he can buy his way out of this one. Johnny, however, tells him to keep it: "I haven't met a problem yet that money couldn't solve." Not only is he lying, he's tempting fate, which is probably why Patrick gives him a baleful look...

...but we leave there to go to the diner, and Patrick enters with that same expression on his face as he declines Margaret's offer of food and asks her if she can give him and Brennan a minute. Margaret tries to stay cheery as she acquiesces, but surely she knows from his tone that this can't be good, and after Patrick gets Brennan to dismiss his bodyguard from the next booth over, he settles in and tosses a copy of the "Bergen Star" on the table with the news about Hess on the front page. Brennan hits deliciously close to home as he speculates that they probably took the "poor dumb schmuck" right out of his house during a family barbecue, but Patrick wonders why they'd do that, as he's a bit lower on the totem pole than the authorities' usual targets, "unless they want the guy for something bigger." Brennan shiftily says it could just be "Jersey politics," and in a hilariously lugubrious tone, talks about how bottomless the corruption in the state is, and when Patrick asks if he's not worried that Hess might talk, Brennan wonders why he would. "I even think someone's dirty, I make a point of keeping my distance." The obvious translation is that there's no one to link Brennan to Hess but Patrick, and he's going to take the fall should it come to that, and the follow-up confirms that: "I've never met this man. Have you?" And to think Patrick didn't have an appetite before he came in.

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