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Rain Of Terror

Later, Patrick is looking at the online version of the Star's all-too-believable headline ("Councilman Hess in hooker mess"), and especially since this shot goes on for a year I hope he's going to remember to CLEAR HIS BROWSER HISTORY THIS TIME, and then Theresa comes in and says Patrick has a visitor as she hands him a card, like, what century are we in here? When he looks at it, though, he understands the revulsion coming off his wife... when he comes downstairs, he finds the Councilman waiting for him. Patrick greets him neutrally, and Hess reminds him he came to his son's birthday party and pointedly mentions the fight Patrick has coming up, adding that he hopes nothing will interfere with that. Patrick, still stone-faced, says he would never let that happen, but after Hess hears a door close upstairs that signals they won't be heard, he suggests they cut the shit, as he's taken one bribe from Patrick and now needs another. "If I'm gonna fall on my sword, my family needs to be taken care of." Leaving aside any incredibly obvious comebacks about Hess's sword being the source of this entire problem, it's worth noting how specific the language Hess used there is; nevertheless, I give Patrick credit for not falling for this ruse, even though he's got some money to throw at the problem, as he rips Hess's jacket and shirt open to reveal that he's wearing a wire. Patrick gets Hess in a headlock and then, in a rather hilariously conversational tone, says that he knows Hess is under a lot of pressure, but he must have him confused with someone else, and if he ever comes to his house again, he'll be forced to go to the police, which, given that he follows by physically expelling him from the premises, is also exceedingly funny. When Hess is gone, Patrick looks worried, as well he might...

...but the next day, he's excising said anxiety by jumping rope, so... I guess a week has passed since the Fourth. Johnny's timing him, and when he calls a break he tells Patrick he's on the bag in five minutes. Stacy Keach then comes over and asks about the wound and OH MY GOD HE SAYS "BETTER EVERY DAY" AGAIN, like, SHUT UP if that's all you can come up with, guy. Patrick then asks how Gerry, who's across the room working with some kid, is doing, and Stacy Keach tells him he's a "real sweetheart" and was "born to this." However, he goes on that years after he lost his belt, Gerry came to him for training, but Stacy Keach couldn't bring himself to do it, as he'd already taken too many blows to the head and was starting to slip. Patrick regretfully says he feels some responsibility for that, given how hard he hit Gerry when they fought, and even though Stacy Keach tells him Gerry's the only one that could have kept himself out of the ring, Patrick feels like he wants to "do right by him." Stacy Keach agrees that it's good to have him around. "Maybe it'll remind the guys to be smart enough to know when to stop." Oof, that's cold, Stacy Keach. Gerry then wanders over, and after he says how much he misses sparring, one of the dudes in the ring tells him it'd be an honor to go a few rounds with him. Gerry's all for that, but Stacy Keach and Patrick both think that he'll seriously hurt the kid, which is surprising but then again, "Rainmaker," I guess. The kid amends it to only one round, and Gerry says he'll go easy, but Stacy Keach adamantly refuses, prompting Gerry to barrel out of the ring and get up in his face, saying he doesn't know what he can do. "Don't tell me what to do!" Patrick steps toward him and gets thrown to the side for his trouble, but luckily, that doesn't end up being obstacle number three hundred seventy-two to Patrick's comeback, although he does end up having to duck a weight that Gerry wings at his head as part of his tantrum. Johnny finally does something useful as he gets Gerry in a bear hug from behind and then shoves him up against some lockers to contain him, and then Patrick emotionally talks him down. Gerry's anger gives way to confusion as he apologizes, first to Patrick and then to everyone else, and that's a good job of tapping into some emotional resonance here. (As always, better than "He could DIEEEEEEEEE!") Johnny offers him a ride home and starts to lead him out, and on the way, Stacy Keach tells the dazed Gerry that maybe he shouldn't come around there anymore, for his own good. Patrick agrees, and Gerry sucks it up, giving Patrick a tearful thumbs-up before Johnny leads him out, and seriously, this is the first time I've questioned whether Daniella's whininess might be warranted. I still decided it isn't, but at least I questioned the point.

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Lights Out




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