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At night, Patrick exits the gym and is locking up when he notices that Gus, Brennan's muscle, is there waiting for him, and I love how this dude has nothing better to do than wait for Patrick to emerge on a flexible schedule. He tells Patrick he hears he had company the night before, and opines that Hess is a desperate man doing desperate things. I never heard that particular euphemism for "hooker," but sure, we'll go with it. He tells Patrick that Hess has been cooperating with a joint task force (between what two entities is unclear, but I can't believe it matters to you) that picked up a D.A. the day before, and since he hasn't been indicted yet, it could be that he's cooperating, too. Patrick wonders how much it'll cost to fix this and brags that he's got money, which I'm sure is just what the muscle of the guy he went to with his hat in his hand last episode, AGAIN, wants to hear; regardless, Gus tells him that once things have gotten this far, applying cash to the problem doesn't help. Patrick asks if his "boss" can't make things go away, but Gus makes a big show of saying he owns a bar and is his own boss, and says with such wink-winkiness I feel like I'm seeing Lucille in Arrested Development here, that Patrick should take care of his own business. Patrick opens his mouth again, but Gus tells him he should be careful and stop asking questions, or "people are going to see you as chatty." Thanks, Gus, for giving me a mental picture of Patrick gossiping to Ava about breaking the dentist's arm. "You know how it is when you break a dude's arm, right when it snaps? It's gross, but kind of awesome!"

Chez Leary, the Feds are in the middle of a raid when Patrick gets home and asks what the hell's going on, and in response the lead guy gives Patrick a copy of their search warrant and a list of the things they're taking. Patrick then gives Theresa the sad-puppy eyes, and her answering gaze is like, "Do I really want to know?"

Cut to outside, where Patrick has apparently confessed the extent of his crimes. Theresa asks how he got the money to bribe the Councilman, and Patrick sighs that Brennan took it out of his fee. Theresa is only just hearing about Brennan, and wonders, if he hired Patrick to beat up the dentist, why he's partners with him in the fight, forcing Patrick to tell her how Brennan coughed up five hundred grand so they could delay it after his stabbing. By the way, given how much Patrick keeps saying the fight purse is going to solve all their problems, I hope someone's keeping track of how much he actually stands to take home at the end of it. A casual calculation suggests it's not going to be all that much. They owe Brennan five hundred grand and then fifteen percent on top of that, plus I'm sure Barry gets a minimum of twenty, so that knocks it down to six million, and even if you figure that Johnny and Stacy Keach will forgo their shares (which seems unlikely since they're both broke), you have to figure fifty percent in taxes, so that brings it down to three million. Not chump change, but considering how much they owe? It's not setting them for another five years, much less life. Anyway, Patrick, obviously thinking he's getting kicked out again, resignedly says that what he's done makes him sick, but she takes a drag from his stress cigarette and surprisingly asks how long he's been carrying all this around, and then suggests that they're committed here, so they should think things through. I'm not sure I buy her reacting with dispassionate logic here after all the times she complained about his lack of honesty, but it certainly is what he needs here. Still, maybe she keeps mentally dropping the bar when it comes to him, but she's taking all this in very even stride. Anyway, she asks what the Feds will find in the stuff they took from the house (computers, mostly), and Patrick says nothing: "These guys don't send e-mails." Heh. After ascertaining that there's also no paper trail in regard to the party, she tells him that if he's questioned, he should tell the Feds that Gerry, he of the failing memory, was supposed to go to the party, but he forgot, so Patrick subbed for him. It's not the worst plan, and of course this plants the seeds for later use of Gerry, but it's pretty hilarious to think that Patrick would have been the understudy in that situation. Anyway, that's irrelevant, as Patrick speculates that Hess might have video proof of their transaction. If that were the case, you'd think he would have turned it over already to get the best deal he could, but regardless, Theresa asks how much of Patrick Brennan owns, and he sighs that it's fifteen percent. He apologizes again, but she tells him it's a blessing, as Patrick is worth a lot more to Brennan alive than dead. And by "alive," he means "fighting," but we all know that...

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Lights Out




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