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Rain Of Terror let's cut to the next day, with Patrick barging into the diner looking for Brennan. He's not there, and Patrick is upset, so Margaret sits him down at the counter to give him a piece of pie, like NICE DIET, PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE. Margaret takes the opportunity to ask about Gerry, and when she hears about the incident the other day, offers that it makes you think. Patrick, no fan of thinking even when it doesn't go hand in hand with emotional subjects, gruffly orders coffee to go with his POISON PIE, but Margaret confesses that it wasn't an accident that they ran into Gerry at the flea market - she had caught sight of him earlier, and called Patrick because she wanted him to see Gerry for himself. It's true it's still a bit convenient that she ran into him, but I'll admit this revelation makes the whole thing more character-driven and thus easier to swallow. Patrick's eyes go wide for a second, and he realizes that Daniella told her his secret; without bothering to confirm that, Margaret gives him a speech I'm sure she rehearsed about how Patrick grew up around a boxing gym and as such knows what happens to boxers with his condition, and adds that only he will know when it's time to walk away. "I just wanted you to look at Gerry and remember what's at stake." Given that that's exactly the point Stacy Keach made earlier without knowing its resonance for Patrick, he should maybe take it to heart, but he's too busy eating his Anger Pie and muttering that no one can keep a secret anymore. Margaret urgently whispers that she can, and adds that she'll skip the part where she berates him for putting this on Daniella The Snoop, but she wants him to know that he can come to her with anything about this. It's a heartfelt speech, and Patrick sincerely thanks her for it, but if he heeds it in the slightest I'll go a round with Gerry. This meeting the Leary siblings' quota of feelings for the year, Margaret asks if he'll drop off Stacy Keach's laundry at his house, and he agrees...

...and then we see him with the bag slung over his shoulder, because...he decided not to drive there? A car suspiciously pulls up near him and lingers for a bit, but when he gives it a look, the driver rolls off. Scaaary! Patrick then heads around to Stacy Keach's back entrance and starts to open up when Brennan's voice calls "Morning!" to him, and seriously, sometimes this show feels like a video game where characters appear according to dice rolls or other elements of chance. Like, there was as much chance of a fire-breathing dragon waiting on Stacy Keach's doorstep as Brennan. Brennan babbles on for a while about choices and family and whatever, but eventually gets to his point, saying that there are only two people that can connect him to the Councilman -- the dude who worked at the bakery, and Hess. Given Bakery Dude's convenient demise, Hess is the only one to worry about, "and he needs to stop talking." He gives Patrick a slip of paper with the address of a hotel on the Jersey Shore where Hess is apparently staying (under Federal protection, it is implied), and takes off. I don't know -- maybe Brennan is testing Patrick's loyalty, or maybe he gets a kick of out of puppeteering him like this, but he apparently commissioned the murder of that baker, so I find it hard to believe he's worried about solving the Hess problem directly. Why not have Gus pay Hess a visit instead of having your golden goose cash cow do it?

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Lights Out




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