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Later, we get an insert shot of the slip of paper, which reads "The Sandpiper Hotel, Room 209, Asbury Park." It'd be hilarious if Theresa happened by and accused him of having an affair, because then he'd have to be like, "No, honey, nothing like that, I just have to go murder someone!" But we see Patrick's actually by his locker at the gym, and after a quick glance to make sure Johnny's not watching, he sticks the slip of paper into the fake deodorant can and puts it inside. As he locks the thing up (doesn't seem like the safest place, but with the Feds sniffing around his house maybe it's for the best), he's surprised to see Gerry walk in like George Costanza did that time he pretended he didn't quit that job, but in this case, Gerry's being genuine, as he shows Patrick his pad with the gig at the gym still on it. Yeah, next time I guess you'll have to write "We fired you" on the poor guy's to-do list. Patrick understandably doesn't have the heart to go through all that again especially after the conversation with Margaret, so he asks Gerry to straighten up a bit around the gym, getting this response which MAY BE IMPORTANT LATER: "I'd do anything for you, champ." And maybe it's the fact that in fourth grade we put on a big production of Oliver, but I'm kind of disappointed that Patrick didn't sing in response, "Would you climb a hill?" Once Gerry's walked away, Johnny asks what the hell that was, but Stacy Keach at least is hip to the fact that Gerry doesn't remember the incident, and offers that he's further gone than he thought. Patrick, however, says that Gerry doesn't have anybody and needs their help, and while the other two don't look too happy, they don't put up a fight about it. Just then, however, the head Fed finds Patrick and asks him to step outside...

...where he (re-)introduces himself as "Agent Thompson" from the FBI. Or Thomson. There's no indication either way, but that is making me want to go read some Tintin. Patrick asks if he should call a lawyer, which is an expense I'm sure he really needs, but Thom(p)son says that while he can, he's there unofficially to ask what Patrick can tell him about Hess and his involvement with the DA, as they found boxing gloves with Patrick's signature at the DA's house and a picture of Patrick with the DA's kid. Probably relieved to know that that's the extent of it, Patrick tells him that he signs a lot of gloves and takes a lot of pictures for public appearances, but Thom(p)son tells him they know he paid him twenty-five grand to "middle a favor." Patrick tells Thom(p)son he doesn't have that kind of money, and he can check with the IRS, but Thom(p)son agrees that he doesn't, which is why he wants to know who gave it to him. Patrick denies any knowledge of what he's talking about, so Thom(p)son tells him he knows the world Patrick travels in, and he should look out for himself, because in a day, "the circus" will be there -- police, Federal agents, "maybe even a perp walk," but it doesn't have to go that way. However, Patrick still flatly refuses to entertain the idea, so Thom(p)son tells him he's got a day to determine how important the ten-million-dollar fight he's got coming is to him. Again, I find it wholly inconsistent that Brennan would be risking Patrick instead of doing something to eliminate the problem himself, but if you ignore that, this is actually a decently-constructed plot, for once. Thom(p)son takes off...

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