Lights Out
The Comeback

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The Inexorable Return

Sometime later, Patrick is taking out his frustrations on a poker-themed pinball machine...

...and then he's at the gym, having just told Stacy Keach about El Diablo. Stacy Keach doesn't like it, as Morales is not a boxer but a brute, but Patrick tells him he may not have a choice. Stacy Keach grunts and paces in frustration, but Patrick, with more quiet vulnerability than I think we've seen from him, asks simply if he can beat him. Stacy Keach asks how long they have, and when he's told seven weeks, says that Morales is a bully, like Sonny Liston, and Patrick can't trade with him. Patrick agrees with that assessment, so Stacy Keach tells him that if they're going to do this, Patrick has to give his training one hundred percent -- no distractions from Johnny, Theresa, the girls, or anyone else. "I don't care if your house is on fire; you let it burn!" I hate to bring up insurance policies again, but they do keep setting me up. Patrick nods reluctantly...

...and then we see a story about El Diablo being paroled (Barry had said he was up for it) on Patrick's computer, and this surely is his fault for not password-protecting the thing after last time. In this case, though, Daniella came by the information via Mikey Fumbles, who called wanting a statement on the upcoming Morales fight. Daniella, who by the way I have resisted telling you I find completely insufferable, says she found clips of his fights and there was blood everywhere, and he promised he wouldn't get hurt. He reiterates that oath, but she understandably doubts him, and declares her need to tell Theresa, but he gets her to sit down and informs her that he doesn't want this fight any more than she does, but without it, everything they have disappears, and by the way, her telling Theresa will irrevocably tear the family apart. "I hate to make you grow up this fast, but I'm your father and you have to listen to me. I don't have a choice, and neither do you." I don't think this is exactly what Stacy Keach meant by "no distractions." His point made, Patrick leaves Daniella to cry...

...but apparently his speech wasn't as effective as he thought, as later, he comes downstairs to find Theresa with a bag together, as Daniella told her about Morales. "Not exactly a tomato can." Patrick assures her he can handle him, but Theresa says she saw Jojo's X-rays and "they must have used a cinderblock on him," and she's scared and doesn't understand why he wants to bring the awful world of boxing back into their home. Patrick, however, says they're in deep and he needs to fight, and when she pointedly asks if he needs to or he wants to, he confesses, "Both." He adds that he's forty, and a comeback has to be now, and without rancor, she tells him she understands, and she wishes she could be part of it, but she can't. Apparently, that means the bag is for him -- she's kicking him out, that night, so the girls don't have to see him leave. He looks at her appraisingly for a good while, but finally nods, and asks what happens in the morning. She resignedly replies that she'll figure something out, and he tries one last time to tell her they don't have to do this, but her voice sounds ragged as she apologizes, saying she's tried, and he concedes. She looks like she's going to hug him but opts for leaving the room instead, and as "Be my husband" kicks up, Patrick contemplates once again being in that dark room, all alone...

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Lights Out




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