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The Comeback

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The Inexorable Return

Anyway, Margaret, at a loss for what to say, wisely says nothing but looks respectful, and after a moment, Brennan pulls himself away from the past and apologizes for going on. Margaret tells him not at all, and introduces herself after she says it was nice to hear all that good stuff about Patrick. As they shake hands, the man himself enters the place, and asks Brennan brusquely and without preamble what he's doing there, and Patrick, I could understand you wanting to keep Brennan separate from your family, but maybe a little more civility for the dude who played a big part in saving your brother's life? Margaret, on the same page for different reasons, tells him not to be rude, and then goes to get coffee for Patrick and, at Patrick's order, the absent Stacy Keach, before he and Brennan settle into a booth, with Brennan telling him he looked good the other night, and Patrick casually countering that he didn't feel so good the next day. He does, however, thank Brennan for covering his ass, and Brennan tells him he's glad it worked out, especially since the high rollers all bet against him. "They didn't think a boxer could hold his own in MMA." Well, Brennan can't have taken the other side of all that action, so who did? Did Little Ernie Chen clean up betting against his own man? Patrick opines that he got lucky with a punch, which isn't exactly untrue, but Brennan tells him he's still got it, which seems even less disputable. "If you set your mind to it, no one could stop you." I believe Patrick knows exactly what Brennan's hinting at, but he wants to hear it more explicitly, so he offhandedly remarks that he's not interested in a cage career, whereupon Brennan tells him he's talking about boxing. "It used to be the sport of kings. It just needs someone to reclaim the throne. A white knight. It's a sin what Barry Word and his animals have done to the sport." You guys, I don't want to upset you, but I think he's VERY SUBTLY making a racist statement here. Brennan's point, though, is that he'd love to help Patrick make his comeback, and Patrick, as you might expect, looks intrigued...

...a sentiment that probably only gets stronger when he walks into Stacy Keach's place and finds him watching that embarrassing commercial he shot for the "Karpet King." Patrick gives him his coffee and tells him he should get back to the gym instead of watching all this TV, to which Stacy Keach snorts that Patrick should have stayed in the ring. This is a perfect opening for Patrick to be like, "Funny you should say that," and asks how long it would take for him to get back in fighting shape, or whether it's even possible at this point. Stacy Keach is reluctant even to render an opinion, but when Patrick says he needs to know, especially since he's in a hole and doesn't see another way out, Stacy Keach tells him it won't be easy, and he'll have to get back to the "rudimentals," which is now a word that not only exists but that I will be using whenever the opportunity presents itself. In the end, though, father and son both seem pretty jazzed about the latter fighting again, which is nice. Less amicable may be the conversation where Patrick tells Stacy Keach that Johnny won't be touching any of the resulting money and why, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

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