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The Comeback

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The Inexorable Return

In the hospital, a scrubs-sporting Theresa is telling Patrick (apparently the hospital does not care about cell-phone usage within) that maybe she could get away for a moment; she then proves she has never watched television before as she asks where he is, but of course he's standing just down the hall, a bouquet of tulips in hand. They look nicer than the ones at the 99-cent store, so I'm guessing that budget thing hasn't happened yet.

Cut to the two of them sitting outside, and Patrick apparently has already brought up the idea of a comeback, because Theresa is saying no way, and that she's "only a few years" away from a good income. "It's my turn to give something up." Er, not exactly following her there, unless she is thinking that she's going to pursue a more lucrative medical field. Patrick, however, finally gets at the point that he wants to fight, saying that it's been five years and he'd like to have that back, and when Theresa points out that he and Reynolds almost killed each other last time, he tells her he's not talking about Reynolds, but some opponents he knows he can beat for some much-needed cash. Or, as he puts it, "A couple-a easy fights, against a couple-a tomato cans, just to get out from under." I thought you might appreciate a translation. He adds that he's not looking to get hurt, and that he knows his body and its limitations. Theresa opines that he's putting her in a terrible position, but he counters that's not the case -- he's trying to get them out of one. That'll teach you to leave him conversationally open, Theresa. He begs for one fight, and given the fact that we cut away, I'm guessing she's going to give in. Well, either that or she'll brain him with a two-by-four, but at least they're at a hospital.

In Johnny's office, he and Stacy Keach are going over some potential creampuff fight choices for Patrick; apparently they don't want it to be too easy for him, though, as Johnny shoots down one of Stacy Keach's pitches with "C'mon, Dad, you could go four rounds with that guy." He's being sarcastic, but I wouldn't want to take whatever Stacy Keach could throw at me. Challenged to pick someone himself, Johnny suggests Reynolds, and, if as we're assuming, Johnny made some kind of Patrick-related deal to get the Omar fight, WOW, is he a scumbag for pushing that idea here, especially since he pooh-poohs Stacy Keach's contention that Patrick will need four or five fights before he's ready for that kind of challenge. I mean, he does have a minor point that they don't know how long Reynolds will be champion, but that's very secondary to his brother's well-being, so I come back around to SHUT UP, Johnny. He and Stacy Keach bicker a bit more until Patrick stands up and announces that while he'd like a payday, he doesn't want to get hurt, so Johnny, after some thought, suggests a "Jojo Reed," whom Stacy Keach helpfully clarifies is Reynolds's old sparring partner. Johnny says that Reed has a loyal fan base and is still a good fighter, but has "hands made of glass." Sounds like he's capable of landing some shattering blows. (I'm sorry; I have no resistance when it comes to awful puns. Probably not news at this point.) Anyway, Patrick co-signs the idea, saying that there will be no surprises, and also, he's always liked Jojo, which to my way of thinking doesn't necessarily mean you'd want to pound the shit out of him, but I'm admittedly not a professional boxer. Johnny heads off to talk to Barry, and at Stacy Keach's question of "We need him in this?" replies that Jojo's his fighter. "Don't worry, I'll make sure it costs him." I think Johnny's deluding himself rather than flat-out lying here, which is ten times sadder. Once Johnny's gone, Patrick expresses his enthusiasm for his comeback, prompting Stacy Keach to tell him they're starting with roadwork, and he wants him out the door at five AM. When Patrick protests, Stacy Keach bites out, "It's not supposed to feel good!" Heh. Patrick looks a little less psyched about the whole thing...

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