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The Comeback

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The Inexorable Return

...and then he's catching Johnny, who's on the phone telling Barry "it's all good" and that he'll meet him somewhere or other. He disconnects, and Patrick tells him he's coming with him...

...and then the three of them are at some nice restaurant, with Barry asking the waiter if he could get "my brothers here" a couple glasses. Johnny tells Barry how little everyone is paying attention to Barry's fights lately, and how that could all change with Patrick's comeback. Barry silkily replies that he'd have to get Patrick ranked before the Commission would let him fight Reynolds again, but the conversation takes a turn he wasn't expecting when Patrick says he doesn't want Reynolds -- "Not right away," Johnny is quick to add -- but Jojo. However, Barry, after hearing Patrick's pitch, tells him "this platter's got no sizzle," and adds that Johnny should know better. You guys, I know it's hard to spot, but there may be a double meaning there. He goes on that Jojo has no punch, and since he wasn't earning, he had to let him go. Johnny and Patrick are both chagrined to hear this, but Barry goes on that as a heavyweight champion triumphantly returning to the ring, Patrick needs to take on someone worthy of him, "another icon at the crossroads." He suggests a "Javier Morales," but even Johnny can't get behind "El Diablo," as he calls him, given that he's currently in jail for statutory rape. Patrick adds that he has three daughters at home, but Barry counters that Morales paid his debt to society, and before that, he went twelve rounds with Reynolds.

Johnny is still not down, though, as he says Morales is dirty. "He had plaster in his gloves the night he fought Justice." I asked this once before, but seriously, don't they check these things? I mean, things you hide in the body like performance-enhancing drugs are one thing, but gloves that require a waiting period to buy should be identifiable, no? Apparently not, as Barry says that allegation was never proven, and Morales and Patrick are the only two fighters out there to have gone the distance with Reynolds. It's a good pitch, but Patrick, after a moment, says he's looking for a payday and not a bloodbath. However, when he gets up to go, Johnny doesn't move, and Barry, who seemed to have been rolling with the punches (oof, did it again) up to now, chuckles deeply at the realization that Patrick isn't aware of a crucial bit of information -- Barry owns the rights to Patrick's next fight, and has options on the two after that. Patrick tells him there's no chance, and I do wonder if Johnny formally had the power to make that deal on Patrick's behalf after all this time, but regardless, after a baleful look at his brother, Patrick heads for the exit, with Johnny taking off after him...

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Lights Out




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