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The Inexorable Return

...and downstairs, as Patrick's trading the house blazer (heh) for his jacket, Johnny catches him and tells him he had to do it to get Omar's title shot. Patrick is less than thrilled that he got sold out for Omar, but Johnny makes the, I suppose, reasonable enough point that he didn't think Patrick would fight again, in which case it wouldn't have mattered. Outside, Johnny goes on that Barry is the only game in town, and it's certainly also reasonable enough to remind Patrick that this will probably lead to his biggest possible payday, but Patrick shoves him up against a fence and opines, also quite reasonably, that Johnny did this for himself. And with everyone being so reasonable, I wouldn't have expected them to be in a situation where one is about to kick the other's ass. Johnny challenges Patrick to hit him, but Patrick's got a better idea -- he's fired. "You can keep your cut, but you're done handling me." But that's the best part! Johnny starts to babble some apologies, but Patrick cuts him off by saying he doesn't trust him anymore. Hate to pile on, Johnny, but about time.

In a bar somewhere (it looks nicer than the bar of Brennan's we saw), Patrick has apparently told Brennan what happened, and Brennan sighs that he wondered how Johnny got Omar that fight before opining that Barry is like a cancer on the sport. Patrick asks how hard it would be to promote a fight without him, and Brennan gets a crafty smile on his face as he says it could happen. Er...I was under the impression that cutting Barry out would be a legal issue, not just a logistical one, but maybe as long as he's compensated Patrick can do what he wants...

...except, perhaps, when it comes to his wife, as when he calls her, she tells him she needed some space to think, and he shouldn't wait for her for dinner, because she doesn't want any food to stand in the way of her getting hammered. Well, she doesn't say that part, but given the fact that she's slamming hard liquor in an establishment designed for that sort of thing, the subtext seems clear. Patrick, for his part, is getting a fix of a different sort as he blends some sort of supplement (Protein? Creatine?) into a shake as Daniella enters and tells him she talked to a guidance counselor about financial aid. Patrick's bummed that she discussed their problems with anyone, and says they'll be fine, but Daniella asks if he's thinking about boxing again, pointing out that everyone's whispering all the time, and now he's making a protein shake. He tells her nothing's been decided, but adds that if he does fight, it'll be against someone who can't possibly hurt him. Daniella, however, reminds him he shouldn't take any more blows to the head, and adds, "You remember that, right?" which I think was intended as bitchy and as such is my favorite line from the character to date. He assures her that the guy he's boxing couldn't hurt him with his glass hands, and Daniella says that's good. "Because Mom's already a wreck. I would hate to have to tell her." Damn, that was low. I probably don't have to tell you, I like it.

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