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The Comeback

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The Inexorable Return

Patrick is working with some dude in the ring, but Stacy Keach is displeased at Patrick's apparently too-wide stance, so, despite Patrick's protests, he has someone link his legs with a short rope so he won't be able to keep them too far apart. Patrick loses his balance but then seems to get the hang of it, and then Johnny turns up and hangs back uncertainly for a moment. However, he then calls his brother by his nickname, and while Stacy Keach tells him they're training, Johnny's insistent that what he has to say can't wait. Patrick finally obliges him, and Johnny tells him and Stacy Keach that the fight is off, as Jojo got hurt. Usually, you'd think he'd be using this to mean he hurt himself, but we'll unfortunately find that his choice of phrase is quite precise here...

...because we cut to Patrick turning up to the hospital to see Jojo, and as soon as his wife sees Patrick, she lets the recriminations fly, saying that whoever it was broke all twenty-seven bones in Jojo's hand, and what the hell are they going to do now? Patrick says nothing, but after she's stomped off in a cloud of righteous tears, he asks Jojo what happened. Jojo, however, gives nothing up, saying he just hit the heavy bag funny. "Always had glass hands, you know that." Patrick can't believe this on many levels, but after a moment, he says that his wife works there, and the two of them will make sure he's taken care of. Jojo closes his eyes, and Patrick, severely bummed, steps out into the hall, where he sees Jojo's wife sobbing in Theresa's arms. Theresa tries to console her, and then catches sight of Patrick, whereupon he shakes his head in frustration...

...which he then takes out on Barry, as he turns up to that same restaurant and upends his table. And he's not wearing a jacket, either! One of Barry's goons draws a gun, but Barry is not about to let his new fighter get damaged, so he intercedes and says he's got this before telling Patrick that he only just heard about Jojo, and he's the godfather to his first-born child, so he'll help out as much as he can. Patrick, of course, thinks Barry's full of shit, and tells him he knows who he is, but Barry yells that he has no idea how hard a climb he had, and he's always worked harder than anyone in their business. Patrick snidely retorts that anyone who tries to get a crumb off his table gets crushed, but Barry counters that while Patrick's meaningless to him, just another payday, Jojo was with him from the beginning, and while he let him go for business reasons, he had nothing to do with what happened to him. Patrick still doesn't believe him, so Barry throws down the gauntlet, saying if Patrick books the fight with Morales, they can donate a portion of the proceeds to Jojo's kids. "I'll match you two to one." Deft way to turn Patrick's righteousness against him here, but Patrick still won't play, so Barry asks him how much it's going to take to get him to do that fight -- half a million? A million? He adds that they don't have to like each other to do business. "You a prizefighter. Fight for the prize!" Seriously, Patrick, it may be shady, but it's boxing. Make your peace with it, because this show would not be on the air if you weren't heading back to the ring.

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