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We head over to the local Best Buy. Paige and some gruff middle-aged good old boy agent I'm going to call Bubba are on a "pick-up and deliver" of a woman who stole some credit cards. Paige is all, "But at Quantico...." And Bubba's like, "Word to the wise: this is not Quantico. I cuff. You cover." Paige is all twitchy and nervous about not doing things by the book.

Back room. The perp is smoking. Some Best Buy dude is stocking TVs; there's very little room to walk around. "I got it," Bubba says, when Paige tries to talk to the stock-room kid. They wind their way around boxes to "Vera Fleming," the smoking pregnant perp. Bubba announces that he has a warrant for her arrest. Vera makes a lot of noise about not being able to fly, she's pregnant, it hurts to have her wrists cuffed behind her back because she's pregnant, blah blah pregnant pregnant blah. Bubba tells her they can cuff her in front, and as the two of them tussle around the boxes, the fascinated stock boy loses his train of thought and drops a TV with a very loud smash. As Paige turns to look, Vera turns into Sydney Bristow and slices the side of Bubba's face with a box cutter while simultaneously kicking him into some boxes and grabbing his gun. Next thing you know, Paige and Vera are in a standoff, there's a whole lot of "drop the gun," and a bunch of "don't shoot my baby," and Vera backs to the door, whimpering that she just wants to have her baby. Paige watches as their perp lets herself out with her security card and books. Just shoot her in the ass, Paige. Instead, Paige tries to chase her, but has to run back to get an access card from the stock room boy. Bubba is all, "I AM BLEEDING HERE," but everyone ignores him, poor man. After a lot of looking irritated, Paige finally gets outside, Bubba following her, all bloody, but Vera is long gone. Paige stamps her food petulantly.

Credits. Dear Jeffery D. Sams, you are so cute. Why aren't you on this show anymore?

Jennifer's house. She's got a new haircut (which I don't really like), what appears to be a new husband, and two new children. Hello, recasting. Jennifer and Mr. Bitter and Emasculated look for Wee Girl Sampson's homework. Apparently, it's lost, and Mr. Bitter and Emasculated wants to let the kid fry. Jennifer points out that the kid is only eight, and she's not sending her to school without her homework. New Boy Sampson Spawn brats that she never did her homework at all. "Yes, I did," New Girl Sampson Spawn retorts. "I'm not doubting you, Joanie, but it's always better to tell a truth than a lie," Jennifer tells her. Blah blah blah, oh, the trials of being a working mother, Jennifer gets beeped and asks Bitter and Emasculated if he can take the kids in. "I've got a job, too," he whines. "Carl," Jennifer snaps, but leaves off the rest of that sentence, which is, "I am in the FBI and you're not."

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Line of Fire




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