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Speaking of guys I'd like to see without their shirts on, Roy comes strolling down the street. He notices a red flag stuck in a can on a balcony, makes a face, and looks at his watch. He turns around and goes the other way. It's the Bat Signal! Kinda low-rent, though. Not to mention weirdly suspicious-looking.

The Mysterious Warehouse of Undercover Hoo-Ha. Lisa. Roy. Roy complains about the short notice, and she makes him listen to Nine-Fingered Leon lisping about how Poor Dead Fed Bert placed some bets with Malloy's gang. "You were following me?" Roy asks. Um, Roy? You're undercover! The whole point of that is so that the FBI can listen in. Lisa reminds him that they were protecting him, and informs him that they've finally got the "Canal Club" wired. She wants to know why the hell he didn't follow up on the fact that Poor Dead Fed Bert was placing bets with the very guy he's supposed to be flipping. Roy is all, "Whatever, they're both dead." Lisa is like, "Yeah, but who knows what else he was up to, and how dumb are you, anyway?" Roy acts like this is blowing his mind, although it sounds like a good question to me. "Why is Malloy always one step ahead of us?" Lisa asks. "I mean, he's smart, but he's not that smart." Word. Anyway, Lisa wants some answers, and she wants them now. "I need to know if Bert was dirty." Roy rolls against a wall with his mouth open, like he's having some kind of seizure. Get a grip, Roy. "Can you do this?" Lisa asks. Roy blinks. "I understand if you can't. I know he was your best friend. But I need to know now." Roy looks all steely. "Do your job, Lisa. I'll do mine," he says, which is not really an answer, and stomps away. "Good!" Lisa calls after him.

FBI. Jennifer. Paige. They've got a partial read on Vera's license plate, but it's led to nothing. Amiel pops in to tell the ladies that Vera had priors for assault and possession, and Paige is all, "I knew it! I knew it!" Jennifer quietly tells her to let it go. "Good?" Amiel asks shortly, gives both the girls a nasty look, and storms off. Is he still all worked up about Dead Fed Bert getting shot? Because his cranky behavior is boring me. Also, where the hell has he been? Are he and Todd off drinking and playing golf together, or something? Anyway, to get back to this rather boring plot line, Jennifer kindly talks Paige through finding known associates of the deeply charming Vera. Paige has only located a sister, the one who called in the complaint to begin with. "Her sister called in the complaint? Well, that's interesting," Jennifer says in measured tones, which clearly scream, "Why didn't you mention that to begin with, numb nuts?"

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Line of Fire




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