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Meanwhile, in the living room, Donovan and Leon sit and watch TV. "Where's Roy?" Donovan asks. Leon says he just saw him, but Roy told him to keep it quiet. "He wanted to me to school him on the book." Donovan is all, "Huh?" "He's a slow learner," Leon explains. Donovan makes a skeptical face. "What else did he tell you not to tell me?" he asks. Roy, please tell me you didn't actually think Leon would keep this a secret.

Over at Poor Dead Fed Bert's house, Lisa is done combing through all of his belongings. She tells one of her flunkies to clean everything up. "Find anything?" asks Estelle, the widow. "Or is that classified? Need to know?" Oh, Estelle. You were married to an FBI agent. I can't believe this is the first time you've been in a situation where you don't get all the answers. Lisa apologizes again, but Estelle won't have it, and reminds Lisa that her husband died for the Bureau, and it still didn't get him any respect. Lisa -- who is, really, just doing her job -- tells Estelle to send her the moving bill. And Estelle is all, "And that makes everything better?" Lisa apologizes and says that this is hard for her, too. "You'll get over it after you slam back a few," Estelle snaps. Oh, burn. Instead of saying, "And you'll get over it when you change out of that really unflattering top," Lisa just says goodbye and leaves.

Roy's. He's...oh, dear God. He's removing a recording device from his pants. Hang on. I need to lie down for a moment. Okay. Donovan is at the door; Roy hides the device and lets him in. Donovan looks around. Roy wants get out of his apartment tout de suite and suggests that they go get a drink. But Donovan wants to listen to the messages on Roy's machine. And so he does. One of them is from Bambi, canceling their movie date. "Taking whores to dinner, now?" Donovan grins. Instead of reminding Donovan that he married one, Roy just tells Donovan to cut him some slack because he just got out of the joint. The second message is from Leon. After I listen to this message like nine times -- like, why decide to have the character with the speech impediment be the one delivering vital plot points? -- I decipher that Leon is telling Roy that Poor Dead Fed Bert Summers owed "two large when he checked out." Roy has a terrible poker face and gives Donovan this "oh, shit" look. Donovan goes apeshit, throwing the phone at the wall and grabbing Roy by the throat and slamming him into the door. There's a lot of yelling and Roy insists...something that I can't understand...and then Donovan cruelly puts a bullet right through Roy's dog calendar. Roy yells and grabs his ears, since the bullet did whiz right past them. Donovan is all, "See what you're doing to me? I killed your puppy calendar!" Donovan lectures Roy, saying he's making him look bad and he doesn't listen to anything Donovan tells him. Roy explains the Bert Summers thing by saying that he thought if they had a Fed on the line, they could flip him and get some inside dope on the FBI. I don't understand how they're going to flip a dead guy, but whatever. Anyway, Donovan yells that he already tried to flip Poor Dead Fed Bert Summers, but Bert wouldn't go for it. He insisted on paying the debts. So now we know that Bert Summers was clean, although not really all that clean if he was placing bets with someone he knew was in the mob, but whatever. Roy and Donovan sort of kiss and make up, Roy saying he just wants to impress Malloy and Blair. Donovan is all, "What do you care about Blair?" Still holding his ears, Roy yelps that Blair is number two. "Right?" Donovan, of course, yells that he is number two. This whole show is number two. Hee. I am twelve. "You want to impress someone, you impress me," Donovan says, stomping out. Roy takes a deep breath and begins mourning the death of his dog calendar.

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Line of Fire




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