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The catering manager calls Nico's attention to the catfight now in progress in the sculpture garden. Joe starts to intercede, but Nico holds him back: "My party, my call." So Victory drags Reese back inside, and they both run to Bragini. "I didn't design the stupid dress she's wearing, okay?" Reese admits. "Or the other two sketches you bought from me! They're hers!" Only three? Victory claimed more than that when she saw the dresses in the window. Maybe she was exaggerating. Bragini sneers, "No, they're mine. I believe the label says 'Ricardo Bragini.'" But...not on the one Victory's wearing, right? Because she made it herself, which was the point of her wearing it, right? Hello? Joe, now at Victory's side, retorts, "It might. But that dress could've only come from Victory Ford." Um...zing? Then Joe asks Victory if she'd like to call it a night, and they walk off together. Nico sizes up Reese and says, "You're melting, dear...melting." And...that's it! That is the big climactic confrontation. No major embarrassment for the villainous Bragini. No repercussions for the conniving Reese. Nobody got served. No victory for Victory. I told you not to get too excited.

At home, Nico hangs out in her walk-in closet, checking her phone for messages. Nothing. She looks sadly at her wall of expensive shoes. All the animal-print heels in the world can't comfort you now, Nico. She takes a drink. She broods. She listens to the obligatory music cue. Then she grabs her purse and leaves.

Wendy arrives home from a screening (looks like she got out of attending Nico's stupid fundraiser) to find Shane in bed. He's in the mood to celebrate, because, guess what? He got the job on the Hernandez film! He's adorably psyched about it, especially knowing he got the gig on his own merits. Wendy holds her tongue and looks tormented.

Whoa, Kirby's apartment number is the same as mine! I know, because Nico is at Kirby's door -- another rule broken. When Kirby answers, he's shirtless -- of course -- and he only opens the door enough to poke his head out. She asks whether he's alone, and he tells her he has company. She turns to leave, but -- ho ho -- he meant Nico is his company! Oh, the light-hearted games lovers play. I guess Kirby is entitled to a little jerking-around, though. He now lets Nico in and calls her on her rule-breaking. She starts asking about his date with Sasha, but Kirby cuts her off: "I'm not playing this game." Hooray for Kirby! He tells her he's not interested in going on any more dates that she arranges for him with other women, because he knows he wants to be with Nico. She confesses that she wanted their arrangement to be casual and unemotional, but that it isn't working out that way. "So what are you saying?" asks shirtless Kirby. As a response, Nico picks up the chalkboard eraser and starts to rub out all their rules. Kirby goes to her and grabs her, and as they kiss, the camera pans down to the eraser in Nico's hand. Artsy.

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Lipstick Jungle




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