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Victory, on her couch in her jammies, checks out the coverage of last night's brawl on a gossip site called "Gotham Gazer." Glutton for punishment that I am, I paused the shot of the laptop screen so I could read the text. Sample excerpt: "The icicle-trimmed contenders, donning torn dresses and bruised egos, stormed back into the party..." Also, the whole thing is only about 100 words long, and they still manage to call Bragini both "Ricardo" (correct) and "Roberto" (incorrect). I don't know why I keep trying, but seriously, props people: do your jobs with pride! America is watching! Anyway, unpausing and continuing with the scene: Roy calls about coming in to work, but Victory tells him to stay home. Then the doorbell rings, and guess who it is? The rich guy from the jazz club! Diego what's-his-name...let's call him Diego Exmachina. He sits down with Victory, and they talk through the economics of fashion design -- designers make money by mass-marketing their stuff, so designing a dress is only worthwhile for Victory if she gets an order for a thousand copies. Diego has only one girlfriend (that we know of), but he also happens to be a venture capitalist who's looking to get into the fashion industry, and he thinks Victory is "a damn good investment." Victory decides that this would be a good moment to put on clothes, so she leaves Diego on her couch and hurries upstairs. He can look at Gotham Gazer while she's gone.

Oh, did you wonder what Nico and Kirby were going to do after we left them? Did the thing with the eraser confuse you? We cut back to them now, and they're having sex. So you can stop wondering. After all, you wouldn't want the episode to end without one more look at shirtless Kirby, would you?

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Lipstick Jungle




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