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Nico drops by a movie set, wearing one of her signature sparkly coats, to see Kirby on the job. Wow, Wendy pulled those strings fast! (Unless we jumped another day or two between scenes, that is.) Ah, Nico, circumspect as ever. I think somebody needs to take another look at her rule book. Kirby, busy photographing some starlet on a bed, gives Nico a typically subtle grin when he sees her walk in. The director of this film, "Jim," recognizes Nico and calls her over to schmooze. Nico makes up a story about being interested in doing a profile of the blonde starlet now flirting with Kirby, whom she identifies as "Sasha Winters." Oh, well that's fine, then. As long as Nico isn't using the magazine to advance her own self-destructive agenda or anything. Jim calls Sasha over, and she turns out to be even more vapid than Chloe Jamison, if you can imagine that. Nico and Sasha engage in ridiculously vague networking banter: "We should set something up...Have lunch...I'm throwing a should stop by." A fundraiser for what? Nico doesn't say. Sasha doesn't care. She goes back to flirting with Kirby, and Nico stays behind to watch, even though it's obviously eating her alive.

Back to the fashion-related drama. Victory consoles Reese maternally, even helping her on with her coat, and Reese plays the sniffly child part to the hilt. It's a thing of beauty. After Victory sees Reese out, Roy -- who has been listening the whole time -- speaks up, and much to my surprise, he swallowed the whole sob story. "I was really starting to feel sorry for her," he tells Victory. I'm even more surprised that Victory didn't fall for Reese's helpless-baby act a second time. "Yeah, me too, poor Reese," she sneers. "She is just such an awful little liar." Look out, Reese! Victory and the other popular girls are so going to mess you up!

Wendy runs into David Hernandez on one of those fateful TV elevator trips that take a really long time, even though the elevator never stops. As it happens, Wendy would have been better off if the trip had been shorter; then they might not have gotten past the "How's work going?" part of the conversation. That done, Hernandez thanks Wendy for passing on Shane's demo, saying he thinks it's "awesome" and that it might be good to have someone "fresh" and unknown scoring his film. He asks where she found out about this McCormick guy. Unable to lie effectively, Wendy comes clean and tells Hernandez that Shane is her husband, and that she didn't want anyone to know, but now that everything has worked out, it's fine, right? Hernandez, in turn, tells her that Shane was just one of three candidates he was considering. "But I guess it's down to one now." Wendy insists that Hernandez should not let the family connection influence his decision. The elevator stops on Hernandez's floor at last, giving Wendy a chance to kick herself in soon as she gets that big foot out of her mouth.

Victory's busy afternoon -- the one that allows her no opportunity to meet with investors -- turns out to involve hanging out in Nico's office and whining about Reese. She requests an extra ticket for the shadowy fundraiser (for a still-unnamed cause) that Nico's planning, and then adds that she wants Ricardo Bragini to be invited, too. Nico balks -- she hates that guy -- but Victory insists. Nico warns her that scheming for revenge at a public event could backfire. Like Nico is one to lecture others about foolish schemes with major backfire potential! I'm pretty sure Victory is the kettle and Nico is the pot in this scenario.

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