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Wendy comes home to find Shane watching a rough cut of the Hernandez film. Without making eye contact, she asks whether Shane has been offered the job. Not yet, he tells her, but they asked him to "lay down a few tracks" for the opening scenes. He seems very pleased to be a contender for the position, but he can't help noticing Wendy doesn't seem pleased at all. This makes Shane suspicious. Wendy, still avoiding his gaze, gives him an unconvincing speech about how she knows the business is competitive and she just doesn't want him to work hard and then get hurt. Based on scenes like this, I think, if Shane really had issues we needed to worry about, he would have left long ago. The man is clearly a saint for putting up with this hot-and-cold crap. (Boy, all our girls are mood-swingy this week, aren't they? Maybe they're cycling together.)

Nico shows up at Kirby's. Charles is still out of town, so if you were hoping to see any further movement on the one truly interesting part of this whole mess -- i.e., the possibility that Charles might also be cheating -- you will have to wait. Hell, we'll be lucky if Charles is still a history professor by the time we see him again. He might have switched to running a restaurant or something. Anyway, Nico is wearing a hilarious skull-and-crossbones charm on her big gold necklace, possibly to intimidate her young lover. Kirby thought it was "hot" that she stopped by the set to watch him work, but Nico just wants to hear more about his conversations with Sasha Winters. Trying not to sound jealous, Nico grills Kirby: Oh, she gave you her phone number, that's nice! You should call her! "Who wants her?" asks Kirby. "I have you." "No, Kirby, you don't have me," Nico corrects him. "My husband has me." Weird that this detail should be so important to Nico all of a sudden, isn't it? She goes on to insist that Kirby go out with Sasha, because if he turns her down because of his feelings for Nico, he's clearly violating the no-romantic-involvement rule that Nico has established. Kirby looks hurt -- he should call Shane! They can talk about how chicks are just crazy sometimes! Am I right? -- and by this point, Nico has gotten herself so worked up and so twisted around, trying to disguise her jealousy as something other than jealousy, that she has no choice but to leave in a huff. Kirby didn't even have a chance to take off his shirt! Their whole vibe is starting to feel a little like Sunset Boulevard, but without the satire.

The first ad of the break features Candace Bushnell herself, and I don't know what I was expecting her to look like, but it wasn't that. I'm fascinated by the way she talks. What is going on there?

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Lipstick Jungle




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