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After the commercials, it's time for the fundraiser! I still have no idea what cause we're raising money for, but let's see if there are any clues. The party seems to be in an art gallery...There is actual jazz music playing...Hey, look: a guy with an eye patch! Is this fundraiser for pirates? That would explain the skull-and-crossbones jewelry! It's all making sense now. And look who's walking in: it's Charles Busch! I've been waiting for Busch to appear since I saw his name in the opening credits, and now that he's finally on the scene, I'm a little confused. He's not in drag -- he's playing Ricardo Bragini -- yet he's wearing more makeup, and a less convincing wig, than I've ever seen him wear before. He also has a weird accent when he speaks, and on top of that, one of his three lines is completely overdubbed. I would LOVE to know what Busch/Bragini is actually saying, because it's so completely different from the line that made it to the air (insulting Nico: "At what age should a woman cover her neck?") that it's like we're watching a dubbed Godzilla movie for a minute, and it makes me wonder whether the original dialogue was too scandalous to air. Oh, anyway: Bragini is bitchy to Nico. That's what we're supposed to get from that scene.

On a balcony that wraps around the room, we find Reese, dribbling a martini down the front of her dress and looking like a little girl who just got permission to stay up late for the grownups' party. With the go-for-broke mugging and the screwball vibe, Reese is growing on me with every scene, I must say. Victory and Joe enter on the main level, but Victory mysteriously refuses to check her coat. Reese spots her old boss and hurries down to meet her, but Nico gets there first and chews out Victory for making her invite Bragini. Reese calls to Victory from across the room, and then runs over and thanks her for the invitation to this "amazing" party. So that's what the extra ticket was for. Victory smiles tightly and reintroduces Reese to Nico. Joe excuses himself, and Victory makes a show of asking him to check her coat as he goes. She takes it off to reveal -- surprise! -- the red dress she'd made from the design Bragini stole! Reese recognizes it and blanches. "It looks so good on you!" she stammers (and by the way, it really doesn't). "Let's go mingle!" says Victory. Reese whimpers. As they leave, Nico turns and sees starlet Sasha Winters entering with her date -- one Kirby Atwood. Sad music tells us how Nico feels about that.

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Lipstick Jungle




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