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In her office, Wendy gets a call from David Hernandez, who tells her that Shane got the composing job. He sounds pretty glum, and Wendy can't tell whether that's his normal social awkwardness coming across, or whether he's terse because he feels like he was railroaded into hiring Shane. Hernandez ends the call quickly, leaving Wendy wondering.

Victory gossips with Reese as they circulate, lulling her into a false sense of security. Then she spots Bragini across the room and pretends to be surprised to see him there. "That monster should be locked up behind bars," she scowls. "He makes me sick!" Reese agrees. "Let's leave!" This is the moment when things start to fall apart for Reese, and I know what you're thinking: this is going to be good! And so, to be fair, I should tell you right now that it isn't going to be good. I can see why you would expect that, but don't count on it. So, Reese is trying to convince Victory that confronting Bragini is a bad idea. A catering guy tells them that they can't stay where they are -- ducked out of sight in the kitchen entrance -- so Victory pulls the stricken Reese back into the crowd.

Elsewhere, Nico is watching from afar as Kirby and Sasha get drinks at the bar. Sasha spots Nico and comes over to greet her and "introduce" her date. "Please, enjoy yourselves," says Nico stiffly. "We plan to," answers Kirby, smirking in the very manner that got them in trouble in the first place. Where's Mike Harness when you need him? Sasha giggles and hangs on Kirby's arm, as though Kirby has just said something hilarious. Nico excuses herself before she vomits.

Victory drags protesting Reese out into a rooftop sculpture garden and drops the friendly pretenses. She accuses Reese of selling her sketches, and Reese sees that her back is to the wall, so she drops her own innocent-fawn act and tries offering Vic a percentage of the proceeds. Outraged, Victory says, "You obviously learned nothing from me!" Reese shoots back that what she learned from Victory was how to take advantage of powerful connections to get ahead. It's funny that she says this as though getting ahead through connections is rare in New York, in any industry. Victory sees red: "You think my friendships are based on agenda?!" I'm still wondering what exactly they are based on, but I guess we won't find out tonight. Victory turns to go back inside and talk to Bragini herself. Desperate, Reese grabs the back of Victory's dress and tears it, although she does not manage to expose Victory's underwear, which I was fully expecting. (This show has broken my will.) Angry Vic gives Reese a shove, knocking her into some sort of trough full of ice.

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Lipstick Jungle




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