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Joe rings the doorbell at Victory's place, bearing champagne in order to celebrate Victory's "return from the dead" (by which he means the end of her brief bout of employment). Victory doesn't feel like celebrating, since her dress wasn't seen -- plus she fought with Wendy. "I acted like a spoiled child," she admits. That's just what Joe likes about Victory, so he gives her a nice big hug.

At the police station, Chloe, now mostly sober, makes an ill-timed bid for a role in Parador's upcoming Jane Austen project. You know what the world doesn't need? Another Jane Austen-themed movie. But they don't seem to be going anywhere, do they? That's why, as soon as this recap is finished, I'm going to work on punching up my Northanger Abbey screenplay. (It's set in the future!) A cop tells Chloe she's free to go, and recommends the back exit, since the press has gathered at the front. Now Wendy calls in a favor and asks Chloe if she'd use the front door instead. Chloe is all for it, especially after Wendy disposes of that silly, girlish jacket. Now at least the cut of the gown is flattering, even if the color still looks hideous. Outside, Chloe does a perp-strut down the stairs, and of course the reporters want to know who she's wearing. As Chloe and Wendy both shout, "Victory Ford!," we cut to Vic and Joe, curled up on the couch, watching the whole thing unfold on TV.

At home with the Healys: Wendy and Shane share a sweet moment in the kitchen, and then Wendy receives a "thank you/I'm sorry" text from Victory. Actually, it says "thank u," which is something Victory might want to examine when she's thinking about why Wendy treats her like a baby sister.

Nico drops by Kirby's bar, again, just as he's locking up. She wants to know why he dropped the charges. He responds with silence, and his most pathetic puppy-dog face. Nico tries Hector's question: "What do you want, Kirby?" And he shrugs and says, "You." Nico falls hard for that. After a long silence, she takes Kirby's hand, and they walk off, presumably headed for a romp on Kirby's secondhand mattress in his grungy East Village walkup. Romance! Glamour! This show has it all!

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