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Alone in her office, Nico spends quality time with a bottle of champagne and a coffee mug. Wendy swings by, looking for jewelry advice, so Nico pours a second mug of bubbly while she gives Wendy an update on the Kirby situation. Wendy advocates going to Hector and telling the truth, but Nico is afraid that Hector might not appreciate the straight talk, given that it would uncover Nico's long string of brazen, self-serving lies. She also points out that, in a legal sense, the true story of her liaison with Kirby still adds up to "sexual harassment." The sentimental music starts to play as Wendy moves closer for a heart-to-heart. "Remember that day in the park, when you asked us about whether it was fair to expect everything from one person?" she begins. What's this "in the park" stuff? They had that conversation on a sidewalk, if I remember correctly. Possibly near a park, but definitely not in one. (And I do remember correctly, because they were walking arm-in-arm, three abreast, along said sidewalk, and I remember thinking how much I hate it when people form barriers across the entire sidewalk like that.) Wendy says she's been thinking about that conversation ever since, and she thinks the reason she has never strayed from Shane is that whatever he can't give her, she gets from her friendship with Nico. (At no time during this chat does Victory's name ever come up, by the way. Nobody says, "Boy, I wish Victory were here.") Kim Raver tries her best to simulate crying as Nico finally resolves to face the consequences, and to talk to Charles before someone else does.

Victory's doing her makeup and watching (and teasing me with) an old movie at home when Wendy calls to check in. Exasperated Vic confirms that the changes to the dress have been made, and that Chloe "is wearing the vest" -- it's not so much a "vest" as it is a "jacket," though, is it? "When the party's over, we can give her outfit to Condoleezza!" Victory snarks. At least Condoleezza might be able to wear it without looking like her skin is the color of a winter squash, Victory. Wendy really wants to know whether Chloe is freaking out over her breakup with Deegan, and Victory assures her that the two lovebirds have been on the phone patching things up for the past hour. Then she hangs up (angry that Wendy didn't say "thank you") and goes into the other room, where she finds Chloe not on the phone, as she expected, but on the floor, rooting through Victory's liquor cabinet. "Where's your damn bourbon?!" Chloe wails. She didn't talk to Deegan because another woman answered his phone, so she has apparently been drowning her sorrows in Victory's booze ever since. Ruh-roh.

The Reillys are getting dressed for the premiere -- Nico, wearing another one of her aluminum-foil outfits, offers to help Charles with his tie, and they nearly end up kissing. Then the phone rings and Charles moves to answer it, saying, "It's probably the dean." If you're ever looking to get out of an uncomfortably sexy situation, that line is pretty much guaranteed to work. But in this case, it's not the dean, it's Megan! The grad student from the diner! She's calling to thank Charles again for "being so amazing." Charles lunges for the machine when he hears Megan's voice, and then, having hit the "mute" button, nervously denies giving students his home phone number. Nico looks thoughtful. Just how generous is Charles being, anyway? Is this why he's willing to let her out of his sight?

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Lipstick Jungle




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