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Highland Fling

Across town, Wendy lies awake, brooding. Shane asks her about Scotland, and she tells him it sucked. The deal didn't work out, and, she says, "I saw some sides to Nico I'd just as soon not know about." Shane, less diplomatic in the wee hours, murmurs, "You'd be the only one who doesn't know about them." He goes on to say he thinks they complement each other, and Wendy goes for the play on words: "I did everything but compliment her. I don't know if we'll ever even talk again." Shane rolls his eyes at that, because women love to talk! It's just so true!

Nico gets to her office and finds a package wrapped in brown paper (but regrettably not tied up with string). Inside is a framed photo of a Scottish scene, with a note: "Love, your friend K." Nico looks wistful.

Wendy and Nico run into each other on the street outside their building. (There's a quick shot where you can see all the people in the background, waiting to cross 57th Street, gawking: "Hey, that's Brooke Shields!") After an awkward silence, Wendy blurts, "Part of me wishes you'd told me everything from the beginning, and part of me wishes I never found out!" Nico says she feels the same way, but she's not ready to forgive. Wendy admits that her "mommy comment" was "a lousy thing to say," and suggests hopefully, "Maybe you can forget it." Nico, icily: "Tell me how." I know I can't forget it, since we've spent so much time on it, but I'd love to understand why! Someone please tell us why! We won't find out this week -- Nico ends the conversation there and hops into a cab, leaving Wendy looking bereft. Maybe she should go sign some autographs or something to cheer herself up.

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Lipstick Jungle




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