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Cut to a Manhattan sidewalk, along which the three GFs are walking arm-in-arm, like British schoolgirls. Newsflash, TV: Adults don't do that. Especially not adults carrying heavy oversized bags and cups from Starbucks. They look ridiculous. Victory wants to know how things are going with "Charles" -- that would be Nico's husband. Nico dodges the question, saying that they've been married seventeen years, Charles is really smart, blah blah evasivecakes. She finally admits that she and Charles can talk about everything but the sex they're not having. Then she stops and strikes a philosophical pose. "I don't know why we expect to get everything from one person," she says. "I mean, is that fair to them? Or us?" Don't forget the part about the halo becoming a noose! Vic and Wendy just stare at her in horror, until Wendy finally asks, "You're not thinking of leaving Charles, are you?" Nico blows this off -- "I'm asking the question" -- and then changes the subject to the celebrating that is in order, since Victory "got [her] mojo back" and Wendy "slayed the dragon." So off they go for margaritas. (Looks like Shane will be putting Taylor to bed again tonight.) Maybe now we'll finally get a look at why these three women are such fast friends?

But no, we don't follow them to the bar. Instead, we get to see Janice looking over the pictures her paparazzo took of Wendy crying. She picks one out and tells her assistant to send it to Page Six. "Tell them to run it with a caption: 'Tsunami for Bad Mommy,'" she says. Oof. No victory for Janice. Or Wendy. Honestly, no victory for anybody at all.

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Lipstick Jungle




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