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Another odd and intrusive song choice (this time it's "Teach Me Tonight") takes us back to the photo studio, where Nico is lying naked on the floor -- with her backside covered, of course, by a tastefully arranged sheet -- basking in the late-afternoon light and flipping through a book, possibly the one she came here to get. Because that's just how you behave after you have an afternoon tryst you don't want anyone to find out about, in the middle of a very busy work day. Kirby, also naked, pulls out a camera and starts snapping pictures of Nico, purring, "This light is too good to waste." Nico is embarrassed by the picture-taking, but not in a "please don't take pictures of me, a powerful executive, in the act of committing adultery" kind of way. I'd expect Nico to be more upset under the circumstances. "Who is this guy...your husband?" asks Kirby. "I mean, how does he let you out of his sight for a minute?" Nico strikes a thoughtful pose. My husband does let me out of his sight! Quite often! Where did it all go wrong?

Wendy's school-uniform-clad daughter, Maddie, is in her office, attacking a gift basket of chocolate and being an adorably sassy preteen. Sal comes along to give Wendy "an update on Mariska," but he stops when he spots Maddie. "If this is about Mariska's book, you can talk in front of me," says Maddie. She heard about it while she was making photocopies of her homework in the copy room. Wendy asks who the publisher is, and Sal tells her, "Bainbridge Press." This just makes Wendy angrier. It turns out that Wendy has an enemy at Bainbridge, Janice Lasher, who's been out to get Wendy ever since a deal over a poorly sourced Hillary Clinton bio went bad. Sal and Maddie think she should try to play nice, but Wendy insists that her rival "does not do nice." Incidentally, the first time I watched this scene I thought they were discussing someone named "Jana Slasher" who works at "Cambridge [University?] Press." I like my version better.

That evening, Wendy broods in her office, clutching her black-and-white damask-print mug and wondering what to do. Then she asks her assistant to get her the number for Janice Lasher.

Hector, the British guy who employs both Nico and Wendy, tells Nico that he wants to tone down the provocative content of the proposed "royal" layout, on the advice of the legal department. Nico's all postcoital and confident -- and, I imagine, sticky and smelling of nectarines -- saying that she doesn't need some "legal drone" to hamper her creativity. "What's gotten into you?!" Hector wants to know. (Oh, but he doesn't want to know.) "We have our magazine's integrity to protect!" Nico isn't so high on "integrity" right now, and you can tell that Hector's appeal doesn't impress her.

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