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Freddy's red sports car (with a vanity plate, "BIG FRDDY") is parked outside Mariska's house when Wendy and Shane show up there in Wendy's enormous chauffeur-driven Escalade. Shane is begging Wendy not to drag him into this confrontation, but Wendy's convinced that Shane's charm is necessary to get Mariska to retract the book. She still can't figure out how Mariska found out about Taylor's cancelled birthday party, so Shane has to admit that he told Mariska, lamely adding, "I didn't think it would end up in a book." "So let me get this straight," says Wendy, tearing up. "My own husband thinks I'm a bad mother." Shane wants to discuss the issue somewhere else, but Wendy prefers to drive away and leave Shane standing on the curb. In Flushing! You'll have plenty of time to think about what you've done while you're riding the 7 train back home, my friend.

Vic is at a grocery store. Does this mean she's buying actual groceries? No, it turns out she was looking for a ribbon store (while trying to make a replacement hat for the Jewish lady) and found a Korean deli in its place. We know because Victory calls Reese for help. But Reese is already on the job elsewhere, and she's traded in her cutesy jumper and boots for a sexy dress and stilettos, so we know her life as Victory's assistant is far behind her. "Uh, can I call you back?" Reese asks Victory, just barely politely. Vic gets the message and hangs up with a "Good luck!" Reese turns back to a neck-scarf-wearing gentleman who's flipping through "her" designs -- the ones she swiped from Victory, of course. "I can see the Victory Ford influence, but you've clearly improved on her look," the man tells her. "How long did you work for her?" Reese innocently replies that she worked there for three years, "but she was busy back then, so she left a lot of the designing to me." Meow!

Nico checks her email and discovers that Kirby (presumably) has sent her a copy of one of the photos he took of her mostly-naked body, bathed in afternoon sunlight. He cropped Nico's head out of the shot and sent it with the message, "What do you think?" This indiscretion makes Nico smile. I'm not sure she's really fit for that creative director gig. They might want someone whose judgment is a little sounder. Nico closes the window in a hurry when Victory breezes in, announcing that she just wants to check her email "and cry softly in the corner." Shut up, Victory. "I have another hour to kill before the yizkor service is over," she explains. (Bo-oing!) Fortunately, we don't have to listen to her explain this to Nico, because now we cut to...

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Lipstick Jungle




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