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So Mike leaves as Julian Sands tells Nico to sit the hell down because she's scary when she hovers. He asks her what's going on and she expresses concern that he's grooming Mike for creative director. Of...the magazine? Of...the whole company? Of DreamWorks? It would seem that she's talking about the whole company, though, because she mentions how she's taken Bonfire to the top and she could do the same with all the other magazines. Julian Sands, unfortunately, doesn't see her in that role. When she asks why, he claims it's because she's doing a good job where she is. Oh, and because she wants babies. Nico (and I) are like, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

Apparently, Nico attended a baby shower with Julian Sands's wife a few weeks back and Nico became "quite misty" according to the wife. Okay, 1) no boss ANYWHERE would ever say something that sexist and archaic to someone if for no other reason than it might, I don't know, LAND THEM IN A BIG OLD HARRASSMENT SUIT and 2) Nico's gotta be pushing her mid-forties; clearly, if she's avoided babies this long, she's gonna keep on avoiding them until she just gets a damn dog instead. I mean, WHO WROTE THIS SHIT?

Nico argues that she is not interested in having babies and that even if she were, it would certainly be none of his damn business. Also? Mike has two kids. Also also? I'm just going to put a whole carafe of salt on Mike's salad while I'm talking to my boss because he's too stupid to notice and I'm too childish to care that I'm basically performing the equivalent of pantsing someone on the playground IN FRONT OF MY BOSS. Julian Sands collects his paycheck as he blathers something about how the last woman he promoted for a top post went off and dropped a kitten and lost her focus and drive and men and women are hardwired differently. He then notices the mound of salt on Mike's spinach and watches as Nico replaces the plate and he says, "You could prove me wrong, though." And Nico's all, yeah, thought I already did that. Didn't find this job at the bottom of a Cracker Jack box, homie. Thanks for the vote of confidence! She goes to leave, ignoring Julian Sands's invitation to stay for lunch, and Mike takes a bite of his salad, grimacing once he tastes the delicious blanket of iodine on top.

Later that day, the girls go shopping at some stands around a park. Because we girls do that. Nico's spouting off how she's still pissed off about what Julian Sands said to her, and Victory points out that she has said she wants a family but Nico tells her to shut the hell up. She rants on and on about how in the corporate world if you're a woman and you want a family, you're distracted, but if you don't, then there's something wrong with you and you're hiding testicles under your skirt! Ew. That sounds extremely uncomfortable. Not to mention unsanitary. ["I guess it depends on whose testicles?" -- Miss Alli] Wendy tells her to watch the volume and then asks if Nico knows who the woman exec was who let Julian Sands down. She gets this look on her face and Nico immediately tells her that no, it's not her; she's the best thing that ever happened to Parador.

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