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They continue to talk about their problems, with Nico insisting that Wendy is Julian Sands's favorite child and Wendy insisting that if she doesn't get Leo, she may as well be Julian Sands's favorite dead step-child. She also mentions how she has a director who won't let her fire him and this raises flags for Nico. She's like, hang on -- what do you mean HE won't let YOU fire HIM? Wendy's all, oh, yeah, well, I called him and I fired him and we hugged and Nico's like, YOU HUGGED SOMEONE YOU FIRED? And of course Wendy's all huggy-bear kissy-face I'm the nicest boss in the world and Nico is like, yeah, there's no hugging in firing, because when in doubt, it's always a great idea to borrow lines from a film that's TEN YEARS OLD. ["I hate to tell you this, Erin, but...sixteen. Aren't we old?" -- Miss Alli]

Wendy insists that she can hug and fire and that you don't have to be cold and nasty to be in charge. "OH NOW I'M COLD AND NASTY," Nico shouts out to Victory across the way. "Oh look," says Victory, spraying some perfume around, "this takes away cold and nasty. Come over here!" Heh. One funny moment surround by dozens of un-funny does NOT a good hour of television make. Wendy tells Nico that they have different styles and Victory spreads some oil on Wendy's wrist and says that she picked up the check at dinner last night and Bennett almost had a stroke. Victory states that beneath all the rich bluster, she saw a cute little boy with dimples. Wendy asks if she's going to see Dimples again and she just smirks. "She's looking at coconut massage oil!" says Wendy. "You're gonna SLEEP with him!" Ew. I hope she sleeps with him BEFORE using the coconut massage oil, otherwise she's going to smell like a coconut cupcake. Or maybe that's what she wants. She is fond of cupcakes.

Victory tells Wendy not to give her the "you're a whore" look because some of us aren't lucky enough to be married to Shane the Love Machine. I'll say. Wendy smells the oil and asks Nico if her husband would like it. Victory asks what Nico's husband is into, and she just says, "Books. Writing them. Reading them. Discussing them." He sounds FASCINATING. Victory asks how long it's been since Nico's had sex with her husband, and she just says it's been a while. Wendy's phone rings and it's Julian Sands informing her that DreamWorks is going into production with Galileo tomorrow. Wendy thinks that's not possible. He bitches at her. She gets off the phone and rushes off to the office, telling Victory to buy Nico the massage oil because she needs it more than Victory does. Back in her company car, Nico spies Kirby's phone number on her thigh. She dials it and reminds Kirby when he answers just who she is.

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Lipstick Jungle




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