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Minutes later, she's inside his place and he's showing her around the two rooms while she pretends that she's not there to have sex with him. He shoves her up against a doorframe and asks her with a smirk if she'd like some wine, but she backs off, saying she has to get back to work. Kirby, of course, is having none of it, and he's telling her she looks fab and he's getting too close and he's breathing sexily all over her and finally she gulps that she'd like some wine, yes, as a matter of fact. He goes off to get it as she watches his ass leave the room.

On the other side of town, Shane's meeting with some people regarding his restaurant. Before they can go look at the property, however, the people snidely ask when Wendy's going to be there. Shane's all, why would she be here? I'm not opening a movie. They're all, yeah, but see, she's the primary investor and she does have that killer Rolodex. Shane's gets all prideful and states that the restaurant is HIS and his ALONE and then they all truck off to see the space and I hit the fast forward on this storyline because I don't care HOW much you hate your wife's job or how damaged your ego is, if you're opening up a restaurant and your wife runs a FILM COMPANY, you TAKE the rolodex and RUN. Because OH MY GOD.

Back with Nico, she's gulping her wine, but all Kirby wants to do is lick her neck and she gabbers at him endlessly and he asks her if she's okay and she says she is and he asks her if this is the first time she's cheated on her husband and she doesn't respond. He kisses her and tells her she has an amazing body and it's extremely hot and then he rips her stockings and it's even hotter except for where I'm thinking, "Damn, doesn't she have to go back to the office? She'll have to stop at the Duane Reade on the way..." Nico's less practical and boring than I am, though, and she just falls back on the desk and lets Kirby ravage her lady parts.

Parador. Everyone is running around on their cell phones trying to hammer out the Galileo deal. I could care less. I'm going to get some pudding. A lackey tells Wendy that she has Leonardo di Caprio on the line and Wendy rolls her eyes and gets a "look" on her face and flings her shopping bags into a chair and was she just shopping instead of dealing with this? I mean, did she go to lunch with the girls and just fuck off the whole Leo thing? OH MY GOD I DON'T CARE. So Wendy picks up the phone and tells Leo that Parador is pulling the offer as the whole office stands there and stares at her because that's PROFESSIONAL and totally what a bunch of MOVIE PEOPLE would do. She nice-nices him and lies that Russell Crowe is signed on to their version and then she hangs up the phone and tells all the people to just relax because he's going to call back. He doesn't do so immediately, of course, and everyone's quietly panicking until, duh, Wendy's phone rings and it's Leo and he chooses Parador she saved the day with her quick thinking because Leo di Caprio has nothing better to do than CALL EXECUTIVES DIRECTLY INSTEAD OF HAVING HIS AGENT HANDLE IT.

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