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Wendy sends the kids off to get cleaned up and says she's going to take a shower. She stops off at the kitchen table and looks at a bunch of papers. She asks Shane if he filled everything out, and he says he did everything but the essay. She's floored. He tells her she has sixty words or less to tell the private school administrative board why she wants her son in their high-priced institution. She follows him into the bedroom and reminds him that the meeting got pushed up to three from four. Now it's his turn to be floored. He has a meeting about "the restaurant" at that time. She insists that they both have to be there. She's rescheduled her entire day. This, of course, prompts him to fishwife about how since HIS day isn't filled with important power lunches and phone calls with actors, HIS time isn't nearly as important as HERS. You can see where this is going. I love both these actors (I do! I love Brooke! She's hilarious and seems really nice. And Paul...well, I believe I've made myself clear about Paul. Yum.) but god, this dialogue is so tired and worn out that it's making an appointment at a regenerative retreat in the Himalayas in order to find its inner child.

They snap at each other and finally she walks off and he stops her, realizing he's being a prat, and he promises to make it all work. She thanks him and he pulls her to him and they noodle around and kiss and he tries to get her to come back to bed but she can't and he says they'll make it quick and she says he actually CAN'T and where did she FIND him? She goes off to take a shower and he good-naturedly grumbles that not being quick in the sack used to be a GOOD thing. It still is, Shane. It still is. So, to sum up: Wendy is successful at her job; Shane is a house-husband with dreams of opening up a restaurant; she resents that she has to juggle her much busier and more important schedule just to assuage his ego and he resents her, in general, for bringing home the bacon and frying it up in the pan. Got all that?

Cut to Nico in her closet getting dressed for the day while her disinterested husband thinks about blank paper in the background. Or maybe it's college-ruled. But never quadrille-ruled. That would have too much depth. Nico's bitching about some guy at work who wants to take all the credit for everything she's done and how he is just going to make tonight about him and her husband's all, remind me about tonight? And she's all, the Bonfire web launch, dude. And I'm all, I launched the site for our magazine while I was stuck at the Atlanta airport Houlihan's in the middle of a serious storm and there was no big-ass hoity-toity party for THAT. I want a job at Bonfire. Apparently, they throw huge cocktail parties for things like new refrigerators and shipments of paper clips!

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Lipstick Jungle




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