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Nico and her husband continue to get dressed as she continues to bitch about this work rival who apparently hates her because she's a woman. Did you know that men just want women to never succeed? I did not know that. Thank god there's this show to fill me in! Also, Julian Sands seems to have something to do with Bonfire as well as Wendy's production company, because Nico mentions his name and how he likes the guy better, even though she totally turned the magazine around. Her husband derisively sneers out how Julian Sands recognizes her value at "that magazine" and Nico hates that he says "that magazine" and treats it like it were a disease and he says that he thinks her talents are being wasted there and how he'd rather see her brokering peace in the middle east because all editors-in-chief of magazines would fit right in with Hamas and the Taliban and anyone else who knows how to mark up a sentence or hail a cab.

Nico basically begs her husband to go with her to the launch party because if he doesn't, she's totally going to make out with a college student in the bathroom. He could give two shits, because he still has a syllabus to construct and clearly that takes precedence over his wife's possible infidelity. She says that she could stay home and they could order in and sit on the sofa and discuss the Trojan War, but he'd rather she think about Trojans of another kind while at the party so that he can go off and drink scotch and molest a card catalog or something. He convinces her to go, and she holds her face up for a kiss on the lips, which he totally ignores, instead kissing her on the forehead because she's his DAUGHTER all of a sudden. So to sum up: Nico is successful at her job, a job which her husband thinks is beneath her because he wears elbow patches and makes syllabuses; Nico is willing to toss away the fruits of her success in order to have one night at home with her husband who seems to have left his libido on the coat rack in the classroom he rarely leaves; Nico would like a little sex and a lot of appreciation, neither of which she's getting from her husband, therefore, she is ripe for an affair. Got all that?

Hubby leaves as Nico's phone rings. It's Victory, smearing lip gloss on her face as she walks down the street. She informs Nico that she's taking her advice and facing her public. She feels so much better. She's the same Victory she always was, and no stupid review can change that! She enters her design studio and is faced with the entire staff and a mournfully delivered, "Hiiiiiii." Complete with mass head tilts. Victory looks like she's going to throw up. I think we can sum up Victory with one sentence: Dippy designer-type with cute personality who has never quite reached her full potential but whom everyone keeps around because she's sweet and has a great apartment. Oh, and she's always falling in love with the wrong guys. Am I right or am I right?

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Lipstick Jungle




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