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Cut to Parador Pictures as Wendy dashes in and is informed by some douchebag with a headset that she's late and has the dailies for some movie to watch. She hopes that today's footage is going to be better than yesterday and then she sweetly barks orders at everyone as she picks at a muffin, telling them all to put down their Sudoku puzzles and get on the phone to their assistant friends and find out if DreamWorks actually has a Galileo project. The impression we're supposed to get of Wendy is that she's scattered and charming and likes muffins but is still very good at her job and universally loved by all her staff.

Nico, on the other hand, likes to be greeted at the door by her assistant, because isn't that what all EIC's do? (Mine shows up at 8 AM because the bus he takes is an express at 7:30 from his neighborhood and he refuses to take taxis because they're expensive and his assistant shows up at 10 because she likes to sit at home and read the Times and do the crossword and just cannot be rushed through that to get to the office by 9 and isn't it just all so GLAMOROUS and HIGH-POWERED and MAGAZINE-Y?) Nico orders her assistant to get Julian Sands on the phone so that she can brief him about tonight's event, but the assistant informs her that Mike, Nico's nemesis, has already done that. Nico's all, what? He doesn't know jack shit about the web launch. The assistant is all, oh, but he does. Mostly because his assistant came by last night and picked up your notes. You know, the ones in your OFFICE? Because that's not STEALING or anything. Nico is understandably peeved. The assistant apologizes profusely as Nico just tells her to get Mike on the phone, like, NOW.

Back with Victory as she tries to assure everyone that she's fine, it's fine, that's fine, everything's fine! Besides, she has 325 stores in Asia! She's a big deal! Except that she isn't, because her assistant hands her a message from Mrs. Ikito in Japan. She hated the New York show and wants to have a meeting next week in Tokyo to discuss the future. Victory slams her head down on the desk in disgust. Someone buzzes in on her phone and informs her that Joe Bennett is on the line. "The bazillionaire?" the assistant anviliciously gasps from the doorway. Victory knows who he is -- she just doesn't know why the hell he's calling her.

She picks up the phone and it's not, actually, Joe Bennett himself. It's his assistant, and she's asking if Victory can meet Joe for dinner tonight. Victory asks what it's about and the assistant says that it's not about anything -- it's just dinner. Victory's all, um, you mean you're asking me out? For your boss? And the assistant's all, yeah, pretty much. Victory is offended. But not too offended to not be pleased as punch when the assistant tells her that Mr. Bennett just loved her show the other night!

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Lipstick Jungle




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