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Cut to Wendy, who's in the screening room talking to some guy about Leonardo and the Galileo deal. They discuss how the deal isn't cemented with Leo and how she doesn't want DreamWorks to make a schmuck out of her and that's when we see the couple on the screen behind them part from their kiss and the guy actually grimaces as if he's in pain. "Did he just cringe after he kissed her?" asks the guy. "Oh my god," says Wendy blankly. "What is this director doing?"

Cut to Bonfire's web launch party. Nico gives a speech, detailing that Bonfire's become the best publication out there covering celebrities, politics and culture (I'm thinking it's supposed to be Vanity Fair then) and now it's going to be setting the standard in every media platform. She extends thanks to everyone from the hyphenated parent company as they all raise their glasses. As they applaud, the guy next to her says that he heard she had a little "fit" about him briefing Julian Sands about the party. This is obviously Mike, the corporate woman-hating snake. He says that he was playing golf with Julian Sands this morning and it just seemed easier for him to brief the guy instead of her. Considering that this morning Julian Sands was in LONDON, unless Mike the Woman Hater was there too, I'd find it difficult for him to brief the guy at all, really.

Nico just sneers and says, "Thanks for clearing that up. Oh, I have something to clear up with you. When a woman expresses her concern that an important business matter be dealt with correctly, she's not throwing a fit. She's just doing her job. Enjoy the party." It's a nice line in theory. In practice, she'd remove all the female references and just stick to the, "Professionals don't throw fits when pricky backstabbing co-workers try to steal their thunder," line. He knows she's a woman. She doesn't need to POINT IT OUT.

I didn't realize until just now how much I disliked this show.

Speaking of disliking, what the sweet fancy Moses is Victory wearing for her date with the rich guy? It's a PINK metallic skirt with a matching PINK metallic belt and a lace overlay and I think someone in the editing room accidentally spliced in a scene from Girls Just Wanna Have Fun because what the hell? Victory's phone rings and it's Bennett's secretary informing her that the car is waiting outside. Victory tells her to tell Bennett that she'll be right down, but the secretary is all, yeah, no, Bennett's not actually IN the car, honey. The car is bringing you to him! Victory and her Metallic Pink Skirt of Pain are highly irritated by this turn of events.

Back at the launch party, Nico's sucking down scotch like it's seltzer when a hot boy toy saunters up and orders a beer and then asks if he can buy her a drink. She's good, thanks. Also? They're free, dumb-ass. He blathers something about free drinks being the best thing about parties like this with boring speeches and then he introduces himself as Kirby Atwood. Nico introduces herself and tells him that she's the one who gave the boring speech, even though, if he'd been there since the beginning, he'd have KNOWN that. He apologizes and says he has to buy her a free drink. She agrees. Sparks fly.

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