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Later that night, Nico's in the bathroom at home, desperately trying to remove Kirby's number from her thigh. Her husband enters and doesn't even look at her as he asks if they have anything on the books for next Sunday. When she asks why, he tells her all about some head of the history department and a panel in Amherst and an advance copy of his book and some promotion and how they could stay in a hotel or something and the gist of his dialogue is that he wants them to go away next weekend for an overnight for his career. While he's talking, Nico not-too-subtly tries to woo him with her cleavage and skin, but he's not interested. Then she balls-out slips the robe off her thigh, revealing the number. He doesn't even see it. He says goodnight and she rubs her forehead and thinks of boy toys.

Victory and Bennett finally make it out of the car and into the restaurant where his non-restaurant champagne chills in a bucket out of the way. Victory makes the statement that he may not be as much of an ass as she originally thought. He laughs and says, "Well, you know what they say: All men are asses, all women are crazy." Who? Who says that? Mr. Big? Victory asks if he thinks she's crazy and he says he can't tell yet. Oh, this is a BANNER relationship they're starting here. "Hi, I'm a rich asshole. Want some champagne?" "Sure. I'm a vapid bad designer with a metallic pink skirt and a penchant for crying while eating cupcakes. Pass the caviar." He squints at her and says something pithy about the moments before you know someone and she toasts to "the moments before" and we mercifully move on to the next day.

Wendy's in her office, ordering her assistant to find out about the Leo deal being closed. Then she shuffles through some papers and wonders why she's still getting production orders for that movie with the gay romantic lead. She thought she fired the director -- why is he still shooting? The assistant thought that was odd too. She tells him to get the director up here immediately so they can find out what's going on. Before he leaves, he tells her she has muffin on her breast and she chews as she tries infectively to rub it off.

Bonfire. Nico enters what appears to be a conference room, only Julian Sands and Mike the Woman Hater are having lunch instead of playing with pens and wondering if the cable hookup on the monitor gets porn. Nico pretends to be sorry that she's late for the meeting, but Julian Sands informs her that there is no meeting, they're having lunch. Nico then says that she wanted to make sure she stays in the loop and it's pretty clear that she's crashed this lunch in an effort to make Julian Sands aware that she's better than the boys. Some bickering ensues between Nico and Mike in regard to some Zurich agenda and Julian Sands finally is like, "Oh, bitch, PLEASE. Go down to your office and get the damn papers to which she's referring and enough already!"

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Lipstick Jungle




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