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The tribe returns to camp after the craziest Tribal Council ever. Skupin interviews that he's so happy that Lisa stood up for him and tried to make a move, and Pete and Jeff Kent were the most outspoken about getting rid of returning players, so either of them leaving was a win for him. Abi snipes at Skupin for voting for her and he says that he didn't. Penner's right there and he speaks up and says that he did, because he was pissed off that people were talking about a Plan B and he didn't know what any plans were. Penner interviews that he still doesn't know what happened at Tribal.

So I thought Penner's vote last week was part of some considered revenge plot against Jeff or at least had a lot of thought and strategy behind it. Turns out Penner was just confused or out of the loop or something. Carter (CARTER! Of all people) has to explain to Penner that there were four votes for Pete, five for Jeff Kent and one for Abi. Penner realizes that he blew it. Well, it would have been a tie at best, but... yeah. Penner interviews what I just said about it being a tie at best and adds that he's a "dead man walking" no matter what, so it's not like his vote matters.

Lisa and Malcolm meet up to talk about their battle at Tribal Council. Lisa doesn't know what to say, and Malcolm says they were both just playing the game. Lisa is so relieved to hear that Malcolm didn't take it personally and she thanks him profusely. So profusely that I think he gets uncomfortable because she hugs him and tells him that he's filled with grace and mercy and he just keeps repeating that it's no big deal. Lisa interviews that she tried to play the game like a real Survivor by betraying and breaking promises, but it's just not her. Look, I get that she's having trouble reconciling the person she is with the person she has to be in the game, but unless she wants to go home really soon, she needs to get comfortable with white lies and half-truths.

The next morning is Day 23. Penner interviews that there are five original Tandang left and if they continue voting together, Penner's done. However, Penner thinks he might be able to exploit the cracks, especially between the two Christian parents (Lisa and Skupin) and the three bullies. Penner hopes to appeal to Skupin and Lisa's hearts.

Lisa and Penner talk on the beach. Lisa confesses that she thought people would be angry with her this morning and Penner points out that she's a pleaser, but she was honest at Tribal Council about her actions and her motives and, ultimately, she was working to help her original alliance. He adds that everyone there likes and admires her and he knows that, due to her past, she wants to please everyone and make everyone happy.

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