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If you don't know Des by now, you will never, never, never know him.

Michael and the fantastic four are marching through the jungle, Sawyer annoying everyone with his theories about the Others. He wonders if they're left over from the Dharma crew. He theorizes that they're aliens, and that's why they need the fake beards for their heads made of "pathetic." Hurley corrects him to "prosthetic," like it makes any sense either way, and Sawyer rips on Hurley's spelling. Sawyer asks Kate's opinion, but she just quietly tells him that they're being followed. So just keep smiling and keep moving, she says. Naturally, he stops everything and starts looking around the jungle, scowling. No wonder Jack kicked his ass at poker. Kate stops to pretend to tie her shoe, and Sawyer's there too, which allows Jack, previously bringing up the rear, to pass them. Interestingly, Kate doesn't say anything to him. She tells Sawyer that there's two of them, across the river (and sure enough, we see two of the heretofore silent and invisible and in every other way undetectable Others), and in about five seconds, she says, she's going to "turn the tables" on them. Sawyer hisses at her to wait, but she's already cocking her gun -- well, it's not a revolver, so it's not actually cocking, but I forget what you call it when it's an automatic. "You in?" she says, and doesn't even wait for an answer before she starts throwing shots. Sawyer hastily unshoulders his rifle and the other three nimwits hit the deck, while Bonnie and Clyde back there fire away. Kate, despite showing decent proficiency with a gun in her flashbacks, is again "upstaged by a man's shooting prowess, as Sawyer hits one of the Others, who falls, while the other Other gets away.

The group crosses the stream over to the body. Dead. Kate yells that she's going after the other one, and Jack orders her not to. I mean actually orders, as in, "I said NO!" And Kate looks quite pissed about it. Sawyer's not having it either, as he says the Other is going to let the rest of them know the Lostaways are coming. "It doesn't matter if we catch him now!" yells Jack, who then looks over at Michael. "They've already been warned," he says. Michael doesn't make eye contact for a moment. Sawyer's all, what's that supposed to mean? Michael looks like he's wondering if busting out a "whatchoo talkin' bout, Jack?" would keep his cover intact. "Why don't you tell them, Michael," says Jack. Michael half-heartedly pretends not to know what Jack's talking about, to the point that Jack has to throw him against a tree and yell, all spittle, "Tell them!" The rest of the crew watches, looking somewhat horrified. "It was the only way," says Michael, finally. He says the Others gave him a list with their names on it. The shock on everyone's faces sinks in as Michael explains that he had to bring all four of them back, or he'd never see Walt again. Jack releases his hold on Michael and asks who the Others are. Michael says it's like he said: the Others live in huts, etc. At least that's true, as far as Michael knows, but I think Jack et al. might be forgiven for not believing him. Jack takes the gun tucked in Michael's waistband.

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