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If you don't know Des by now, you will never, never, never know him.

And now the dots start to get connected, as Kate says, "You let Henry go?" Michael's silence is her answer. And if that's the case, then...and you can almost see the light bulb go off over Hurley's head. A blood-spattered light bulb. He looks up at Michael. "You kill them? Ana-Lucia and Libby?" Hoping that the answer's no, that maybe Henry did it during his escape. Michael can't even look him in the eye, so Hurley asks again. "I had to. I...I couldn't find any other way!" he pleads, almost breaking down, and he says Libby was a mistake, that he didn't have any time to think. This hits Jack pretty hard -- I'm guessing that even suspecting Michael was leading them into a trap, it never occurred to him that Michael was lying about Henry shooting Libby and Ana. Sawyer looks particularly stunned by this revelation, too. And Hurley's gears are still turning: "But if you did have time, you still would have killed her, right?" Michael apologizes, over and over again, before finally saying, "My son!" But no one seems overly sympathetic right now.

Hurley says he's going back, but Jack tells him he can't. Hurley's not in the mood to listen to Jack right now, pointing out that Jack knew they were heading into a trap but kept his mouth shut. Jack says they've already caught a couple of Others following them, and if they don't keep up the trusting-Michael façade, they'll all be killed. I'd like to know why he's jumping to that conclusion, since it appears clear the Others could have killed them any time already. He apologizes for not saying anything. "But you have to know that I'd never bring you out here if I didn't have a plan!" he yells. Sawyer glares at him. "What plan?" he says. I'd like to know, too -- oh, here we go to commercial. Well, that saves the writers some trouble.

Back on the Elizabeth, Sayid's praying on a mat on the deck of the boat, finally confirming explicitly that he's Muslim. Up the deck, Jin and Sun watch him (and each other) smiling. I've got ten bucks that says Sun's about to say to Jin, "Honey, I just had kind of a wild thought. Maybe we could talk to Sayid about --" but she'd be interrupted anyway, by Jin spotting something on land. He runs over to hand the binoculars to Sayid. Sun takes the ship's wheel, regretting that she's missed her chance. Sayid looks through the binoculars, and sees the stone wall with the hole in it. "We're here," he says. Uh, how does he know about that wall? Did I miss something?

Charlie's leading an anxious Eko through the jungle to where the remainder of the dynamite has been hidden. Given that Charlie wasn't in on any of this, I'm wondering how he knows this. Oh, he says Hurley showed him. Oh, OKAY THEN. Charlie seems quite happy to help Eko. There are only a couple of sticks of dynamite left, and Charlie urges Eko to be careful as he unwraps the package, saying he doesn't want to wind up like Dr. Arse.

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