Live Together, Die Alone

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If you don't know Des by now, you will never, never, never know him.

The timer's down to 21 minutes. Desmond wants Locke to tell him about the Pearl station. Locke fills him in, about the monitors and the viewing chairs and the notebooks and pneumatic tubes. A perplexed Desmond wonders if maybe Locke has it backwards: "What if the experiment wasn't on the two men in here, but on the two men in there?" He wants to see the tape, but he can't, because Pearl station has a region 2 DVD player, and Swan's is a region 1, or something. Desmond asks if there was a computer in that station, and what it did. "Nothing! It didn't do anything! It printed out numbers, lots and lots of numbers." And fortunately, despite not believing in what's going on and thinking the numbers are worthless, Locke's kept the printout, and he throws it at Desmond and calls it "reading material for the next 19 minutes." Desmond starts looking at the printout. And, I might be crazy -- and I also have a terrible memory -- but I don't remember the numbers having colons before the last two digits in each number last time.

Flashback to Desmond shaving, and Clancy making fun of him for doing it for some reason. "You've been shaving every day for the last three years. You need to live a little, let go," says Clancy, whatever that means, like growing a beard is the most fun you can have in Swan station, even though you probably can't get the NHL playoffs down there (the Oilers' playoff run is distinctly due to my now-bushy Zeke-esque but not fake beard that has had my wife praying for the Oilers to be swept every series). Desmond says he's never going to let go, and glances at a picture he has tucked into the mirror, of him and Penelope, the loving woman waiting for him while he sails around the world. He misses her so much! His mind drifts back to the good times they had -- dinner, dancing, walking their dog Telemachus.

Anyway, Clancy says "goodbye," which apparently sounds a little more final than Desmond seems to be used to, and he repeats it, questioningly. "Yeah, goodbye. See you in a couple of hours," says Clancy, unconvincingly. Seems to satisfy Desmond, though, who turns away, except he happens to notice a four-inch tear below the knee in the right leg of Clancy's Hazmat suit. He doesn't say anything, though, and Clancy leaves, with Desmond putting on his jumpsuit and following along. He watches Clancy put on his gas mask.

Clancy heads out the Swan station doors, and moments later, Desmond follows, scarf wrapped around his face. Hey, why not just hold your breath? Not far from the hatch, Desmond watches Clancy pause and remove his mask. Desmond pulls his scarf down and takes a big sniff of the air.

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