Live Together, Die Alone

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If you don't know Des by now, you will never, never, never know him.

Desmond trails Clancy, who has stripped down to his Dharma jumpsuit, across a rocky shore. Desmond loses sight of Clancy, but has found something else: the Elizabeth, floating in a lagoon. He stares at it a moment, like he can't believe it's there. Behind him, Clancy says, "Well, gosh. I didn't think you had the stones to come after me." Desmond turns to see Clancy holding a rifle. Clancy adds that he was a "spook" for ten years, so he knows when he's being followed. "What are you doing with my boat?" yells Desmond. Fixing it, says Clancy. I'm almost done, too! Another week, and then I'm Audi. Wanna come with? "Come where? What about the button?" asks Desmond, like he can't believe what he's hearing (I feel that way sometimes too, Des). "Screw the button, man. Who knows if it's even real?" says Clancy. Desmond's incensed, and asks about the dams and the electromagnetics and the fail-safes. Clancy's all, "Dude! I was totally hammered!" Naturally, this doesn't satisfy Desmond, nor does Clancy's casual "I lied to you because I needed a sucker to save the world after I left." Desmond completely loses his shit and attacks Clancy, yelling about Clancy stealing his life. Fair point, if you ask me. Three years in a bunker? He also calls Clancy a "crazy old bastard." Clancy probably had that coming too. But it's not a very long fight, because Clancy hits his head against the rocks, and he's not moving. Also, the back of his head is covered in blood. This one's for Radzinski, you bastard. Desmond's horrified, but there's probably a part of him that's a little bit pleased with himself for taking down Clancy Motherfucking Brown, even if the guy turned out be a bit of a creampuff.

He pulls himself together enough to grab the failsafe key from around Clancy's neck and hightails it out of there. When he arrives back at Swan station, the alarm is going crazy, repeating "system failure" over and over again. He runs into the computer room, and the numbers of the timer have been replaced by the hieroglyphs. Desmond frantically tries to enter the numbers, but the words "System Failure" are also being printed again and again on the screen. And he glances over to the kitchen, where all the metallic objects are flying down the hall presumably to the magnetic wall. He tries again and again to get the numbers in, and hits the execute button on the computer (everything in this room appears to be made of PLASTIC) after (presumably) somehow getting the numbers in. And after a long moment, things start settling down, and the timer resets to 108 minutes. A very sweaty Desmond looks very relieved.

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