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If you don't know Des by now, you will never, never, never know him.

Nighttime back on Craphole Island, with Sayid telling Jack that he's got a plan now to turn the tables on ol' compromised Michael. They'll use Desmond's boat. Sayid says the Others will set the trap for them in their camp. He knows this how? In fact, wouldn't it make more sense for the Others to ambush them along the way, and not run the risk of more Lostaways learning the way to their picturesque fishing village? Oh, wait -- there I go, pointlessly asking questions that start with "wouldn't it make more sense..." again. Sorry about that. Anyway, Sayid's saying, "While Mike leads you by land, I can approach far more quickly by sea. And I can go ashore undetected." His plan is scout their numbers, weapons, etc., and then go to the nearest beach to start a signal fire, so the Lostaways can meet up with them and go in together. I gather he'll be using those super-special leaves that burn black smoke only visible to the Lostaways, and NOT THE NEARBY OTHERS.

Jack still isn't sure that Michael has "turned," because he made sure to take his stupid pills this morning, but Sayid's sure. And Jack wants to fill in the rest of their party, but Sayid nixes that, pointing out they don't want to accidentally tip off Michael that they're onto him, as that would negate their advantage of surprise. Jack agrees, and is all, "Signal fire, huh?" Sayid nods. "This time, they will know that we are coming." What was that you were just saying about the ELEMENT OF SURPRISE?

Down in Swan station, Locke limps into the computer room, noting the timer at five minutes. Eko's at his post at the computer, and pleasantly asks him what he's doing there. Locke says that Eko's gonna let the timer run out this time. "But I am going to push the button. Why wouldn't I?" says Eko, genuinely puzzled. "Because you don't wanna be a slave," says Locke. Oh, not a wise move. Eko quietly says he's not a slave to anything. Locke insists Eko's a slave to the timer. Locke might have figured that his "don't be a slave" strategy would work better if he weren't a white man telling a black man what to do. Locke tells Eko again not to push the button. "Don't tell me what to do," says Eko. Sound familiar, Locke?

The beeping has started by this point, and Locke glances at the computer. He grabs Eko's Bible Thumper and tries to smash the computer with it, but he's blocked by Eko, who takes his stick back and effortlessly tosses Locke to the floor. He goes back to the computer, and enters the numbers, then returns to grab Locke and give him the bum's rush out of the hatch. "We're just puppets! Puppets on strings!" yells Locke. You mean marionettes? Those SCARE THE HELL OUT OF ME. Locke yells that if they don't stop pushing the button, they'll never be free. Throwing him outside the main gate, Eko points out that Locke's free now. "Do not come back," snaps Eko, and he slams the door in Locke's face. Eko's really made himself at home in Swan station, no?

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