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If you don't know Des by now, you will never, never, never know him.

Sayid's getting his stuff together on the beach when Sun and Jin stroll up. Sayid apologizes if he was confusing before, but he only wanted Jin to accompany him (as if Sayid doesn't speak the best English on the island). Sun points out that they need a translator, and at least two people who know how to sail. Sayid says Desmond managed to do it by himself. Yeah, "managed" so well that he crashed on Mystery Friggin' Island TWICE, is the gist of what Sun says, and she will brook no more argument. Jin looks at Sayid and gives him a, "believe me, dude, I already tried. Women -- whaddaya gonna go?" shrug, and they get into the raft to head out to the Elizabeth.

Elsewhere on the beach, Claire prepares to shoot her baby with the pneumatic injector containing the vaccine she KNOWS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT. Fortunately (somewhat), Desmond is drinking nearby, and he takes a break from his alcoholism long enough to tell her not to waste her time with the vaccine, as he shot himself with it every nine days for three years. Doesn't that require further explanation? Like proof that the vaccine didn't do anything? Because as far as I can tell, Desmond is actually alive, so wouldn't that maybe make Claire think even more that the vaccine is a good idea?

Even if she wanted to ask anything, she's preempted by Desmond staggering over and telling her that Aaron is "lovely" and then not-very-subtly asking if the father is on the island. Claire explains that the father walked off, and Desmond, playing devil's advocate for some reason for the absentee baby-daddy of the beautiful blond woman he's hitting on, suggests that maybe the guy knew he wouldn't be a good father and was doing what he thought best for her. "He was doing what was best for him," she snaps. Desmond thinks about this and hopefully is realizing that maybe his situation isn't really comparable to some skid cutting out on his girlfriend and their future child.

He flashes back to himself in a darkened sports stadium, changing into running shorts and tying up his shoes. Beside him, a dark sedan pulls up beside him, and Jack gets out. They don't make any eye contact or anything as Jack just starts running without doing any stretching or anything, so it is no wonder that in a moment he's going to trip and twist his ankle. Another car pulls up, and out gets a woman who looks remarkably like Ellen Pompeo. Which is to say she's pretty cute, but Desmond looks less than excited as they stare at each other. Penny, I presume. He asks how she found him, and she explains that she has a lot of money. Brag about it, why don't you? She says that with enough money and determination you can find anyone. Maybe that's true, but you apparently can't keep Daddy from intercepting your mail. She asks if he's read his "beloved book" yet, and he says he hasn't. She thinks about this, and says she thought he might have read it while he was "away," and he tells her he was in prison, not "away." Eyes shining, she asks why he never wrote her. Desmond just shakes his head, instead of explaining how he feels, and that her father is a dick, and all that, and a single tear rolls dramatically down her cheek, and he just harshly asks when she's getting married. Douchebag. Tell her you love her! She says they haven't set a date yet. He tells her he'll be back in a year, and she suggests he come back right now, and he says he's going to win the race and then come back, and he manfully wipes her tear away with his thumb and turns away to get into shape for the STUPID RACE. She asks him what he's running away from. "I have to get my honor back!" he says. For real, he actually says that. "That's what I'm running to!" And off he goes, up the steps. I have this alternative theory that he's running away from the beautiful woman he loves, who loves him, so he can try to win a race to impress her asshole father for some reason, and will prove such a terrible racer that he will crash his boat on the same island twice, and maybe he should ask himself if that's preferable to being with the woman he loves.

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