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Cody joins the fun as they all sit down to listen to the last two days' work. Ali covers her face anxiously. But shouldn't she want to listen to herself? If not, it's going to be a rude awakening when she has to perform this crap every night. All the people listening (besides faux-humble Ali) smile and applaud after the track is played. It would be totally true to form and over-the-top if someone screamed out "I smell a hit!" It doesn't hit the air, but I bet they totally filmed that just in case.

The bullshit train chugs along as Sue gives Ali a high five, Dina-saur VOs about Ali's energy and enthusiasm, and Eman compliments the overnight sensation that is Miss Ali Lohan. He delivers the semi-tongue-in-cheek line we've all been waiting for: "You're gonna be a big, big stah!" Ali pledges to continue doing what she loves and try her best. And, with another insipid hip-pop anthem to cling to this summer, all parties go their separate ways.

Next week: Cross-promotion continues as Cody meets Hef and The Girls. And the d-bag has landed! Jeremy Greene arrives in Vegas, but will Dina-saur's gamble on the untested producer pay off when Ali gets skittish about her second track?

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